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Solar Heating With Solar Concentrators

Solar Concentrators have the task of converting light into a focused area on a collector that measures 10″ x 10″ in size. Solar concentrators are best used in application that need a lot of solar hot water heating. Solar concentrators consist of a parabolic dish that reflect light onto a small collector. This is similar to the concept of using a magnifying glass to focus light on a small area.

More Producers of Solar Products Means More Popularity

Solar lighting products and other clean energy sources have become increasingly popular over the past five years, primarily due to worldwide changes in laws that make the products more accessible and affordable to the average consumer. In Britain, major manufacturers predict that solar panel sales will increase an astounding 1000% in just two short years. Laws there were recently changed to allow those capturing energy to sell it back to the power grid, making solar energy profitable instead of costly. The UK also offered low or non interest-bearing loans for the expensive retrofits. In Canada the government has recently announced an increase of 150% in tax rebates for homeowners retrofitting their homes with thermal energy systems.

What You Need To Know About Tomato Planting

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? BOTH! Tomato is considered as one of the chef’s best friend not only because it can make any dish delicious but it can surely make every plate look presentable. You can mix it any salad or in any soup or whatever you wish to have that sweet-sour taste dish. Tomato contain a large amount of antioxidant called lycopene which have been proven to prevent cancer. Aside from that it has been known that tomato contains iron, potassium and vitamin A. Now, aren’t these benefits good enough to make you want to plant your very own organic tomato garden?

Building a Green Home – Requirements For an Energy Star Home

This article was written after personal experience. Go to my web site and read more about what I think on this issue – you’ll be surprised!!

Learn To Make Homemade Solar Panels Or How to Build a Wind Generator-Use Online Resources

You can find anything online, but you need to be wise. Find out how to make homemade solar panels with online buying. Learn how to build a wind generator, too, once you know what to look out for.

Learn How to Stay Away From the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

Even if you are at home, you are not free from any possible danger. You must be aware of the different types of hazards which can be found anywhere at home so that you can as well protect your loved ones. The very common element which is present everywhere and anywhere you go is carbon monoxide. This pertains to a gas which is mostly used in your day-to-day routine.

Problems With The Installation of Solar Panel Or Wind Turbine On A Roof

There is a reason they call it jumping on the bandwagon, and that is you jump before thinking. With DIY projects this is often true. Green energy projects mean installation of solar panel or wind systems on your roof. Think about what that means…

Calculate Your Water Footprint – Then Reduce It

The National Geographic site has published a new green calculation tool that is also very useful: a water footprint calculator. The application takes you through a mini-interview to assess your home, garden, diet, energy use, and other details of your typical day and routine, and then uses all this information to estimate your water footprint.

Sustainable Materials for Home Decorating

We are aware of that our environment is not in good shape. In fact, it continues to deteriorate. This is why we have to do whatever we can to help improve its current condition. One of the ways to do it is to use sustainable materials, not only in home building but also in decorating our properties. Using such materials is already a big contribution in saving our natural resources.

My Green Home Audit

A green lifestyle should begin with what you can do at home to accomplish three objectives: 1) Reduce energy and water consumption, 2) Make efficient use of resources and items you buy, and 3) Recycle and reuse paper, plastic, aluminum and glass. Meeting the first objective, reducing consumption of energy and water, is one of the most impactful, and doing a green home audit is the best way to accomplish this. You can carry out a do-it-yourself green home audit and reap a lot of benefits, but a professional audit is likely to be more comprehensive and provide far better data on the areas to focus on that will have the largest impact and provide the biggest savings.

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