Wind Energy | Reasons Why We Have To Go Bladeless

Solar Pool Heaters – Important Facts About This Heating Alternative

Heating your swimming pool will already cost you a lot of money in your monthly electric bills. However, despite the cost, there is nothing much you can do. How can you possibly enjoy a swimming pool without the relaxing water temperature?

Green and Beautiful

Growing up in Italy, I remember looking at the hot water boiler over the sink in the kitchen, one boiler in the bathroom over the tub and another one again over the sink of the service bathroom and thinking how ugly it was to stare at them. In my mind as a child, it would have been better to have one big boiler hidden in a closet serving the whole house, as wealthy people had it.

Recondition Old Batteries For Use in a Home Renewable Energy Project

Many of us dream of living “off the grid.” These days home renewable energy is becoming much more of a realistic prospect. There are many advantages to a home solar or wind power installation, but what happens when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

Renewable Energy – Advantages For the Home Owner and Our Environment

We all know that supplies of fossil fuels are dwindling all over the world. We are reminded almost daily by our news media. Because of this, governments and environmentalists are warning people that we need to do something else to keep up with the increasing demand for energy. People everywhere are looking at the advantages of renewable energy and whether there is a source of power that they can utilize.

Solar Renewable Energy For Home Use

Finally The dream of capturing free energy from the sun has is no longer just a quest for many generations of scientists. With the latest advances in technology, this form of power is now available to the home owner. Solar renewable energy can be used for lighting, cooking, water heating and even powering vehicles.

How to Use the Water Rain Barrels Collect

Many people simply turn on the faucet and expect water to run without giving a second thought as to where it comes from. If you are into living a “green” lifestyle then you should look into collecting rain in barrels for use around your home. What can you use water collect in rain barrels for? Read our article to discover how you can use collected rain water around your home and help our planet too!

Top Green Cleaning Tips in the Laundry Room For Instant Savings

The laundry room was always a place I knew I could improve my living habits, but felt rather helpless at first. Over time, I’ve come to develop a method for how to efficiently do laundry and not be so wasteful.

Benefits of Rooftop Gardening

A rooftop garden, otherwise known as a green roof, as the name would suggest, is a garden on top of a roof used to grow plants. There are a number of possible benefits of rooftop gardening. For one, it can reduce the negative effects of air pollution to the environment.

How I Built My Own Wind Turbine

I decided to make my wind turbine out of PVC pipe which is readily available at your local home supply store. The diameter of my motor is 3″ so I used 3″ PVC pipe so that I could slip the motor inside the PVC pipe. First I quartered the 3″ PVC just enough to allow the motor to slip in the PVC easily.

Solar Power Inverters – Practical Buying Guide

There is no more stopping you from using solar power for your entire home today. Given its wide benefits, you are surely on a great advantage when you invest one for your home. However, before you begin the process, take some time to pause and think of the tools you need for the project.

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