Will Nuclear Fusion Power Finally Be A Reliable Source Of Energy?!

Top Tips to Help You Avoid Turning on the AC This Summer

Hooray for summer! The time of year to be sweating constantly, waking up soaked and enjoying cold beverages more than usual. I’ve found plenty of cool tips that cost virtually nothing that can drastically benefit your home’s comfort and temperature.

Solar Panels Cost – Are Attic Fans and Roof Devices Worth the Investment?

We all like to agree that going green is the way to go. But does this shift in thinking (and money for installation) measure up? It is worth it?

I Just Built My Own Wind Turbine, What Next?

I just finished building my own wind turbine using ideas from different guides and videos. I started with no knowledge of wind turbines other than my electrical back ground as an electrician. The Internet is an amazing tool for finding information on just about any subject imaginable.

Water Treatment Systems That Help Save Money and the World

Faced with an ever-dwindling supply of the resource we need most- water- we humans have to come up with better, sustainable ways to interact with, use, and treat water if our children and the world as we know it is to survive. The bad news is, even knowing the statistics on how little of our precious potable water is left, countries as a whole are doing little to stall, much less reverse, the downward spiral of less and more polluted water.

Green Shower Curtains

Think how many people try to become more protective with nature. We have all heard of global warming, how many chemicals are thrown into the air, water. Mostly in everything that surround us. Not all of us are trying to do something about it but at least I am glad that there are many people who started to care.

Discover – Do it Yourself Wind Turbines – Are They Really Worth It?

As far as do-it-yourself home improvement projects go, the wind turbine power conversion project is one definitely worth undertaking. Most home improvement projects don’t generate a positive cash flow. They just cost money to install and then just sit there. Installing a kit that will convert wind to electric power will save the homeowner lots of money over the life of the alternative energy system installation.

3 Things to Consider When Building a Solar Panel

When researching building a solar panel yourself there is a mountain of information available online. The DIY Green Energy movement is exploding right now and it’s bringing tons of great info to the web, but how do you know what to trust? Let’s go over 3 things to consider before attempting a build yourself.

How We Make Solar Powered Electricity

Learn how we use technology to create electricity with light waves from the sun. Take a look at the building blocks of what energy from the sun really is and how it is captured then transformed into energy.

Building Yurt Walls

There are several options from which to choose your yurt wall design. This system employs a modified wood frame and tarpaulin design.

A List of Renewable Energy Sources – Which Energy is the Best?

While the whole world relies on coal, oil, and natural gas and it has done so every since man has developed drilling technology to make those energy sources available. The hazards of these fossil fuels are also well documented.

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