Will GRAVITY Be A Real Alternative For The Energy Storage Industry?!

Build Your Own Solar Energy – Unplug Yourself From Your Utility Company

Isn’t it time to unplug yourself from your utility company and use the natural energy that has been here since the beginning of time? Tap into an abundance of a never ending source of clean renewable energy that is absolutely free? Building your own solar energy…

How to Generate Your Own Energy

Solar energy has become one of the most established form of renewable energy. With solar DIY panels this has become the safest and most energy efficient way of creating electricity and the use of solar energy has now become an important component to consider when designing a building or home.

Green Landscaping – Protect Your Health and the Planet

Many methods of landscaping are harmful to the environment. This article shows you four simple ways to manicure your lawn without harming the environment or your own personal health.

Green Retrofitting, How Might it Save the Building Industry?

In the past, homes were built differently. Many, large homes were built without a thought to the impact that they were making on the environment or the economy. Now that both are hurting and the home building industry is under scrutiny, is there any way to save it while also helping the environment and economy? Perhaps retrofitting existing homes with green technology is the answer!

Build Your Own Wind Generator – A Few Tips to Help You on Your Way

Wind Turbines are very expensive to buy but you can build your own wind generator for a surprisingly affordable amount. In fact for what you spend in electricity over a few months you could build a wind generator that would supply a good portion of your household electrical needs. Before you get started on the project there are several things you need to consider and figure out.

Homemade Wind Turbine Generator – It’s Easier Then You Think

Homemade wind-turbine generators are gaining in popularity as many people across the country want to go green but find that purchasing pre-made systems is out of their price range. Many clever and motivated individuals have set about making a homemade wind turbine generator as a viable and affordable alternative.

How to Make Homemade Solar Panels – 5 Steps to Get You Started Right Away

Solar Panels are expensive when you purchase them commercially but that hasn’t stopped many motivated folks from going green and figuring out how to make homemade solar panels. The good news is that it can be done! But expect to spend a decent amount of time on them, which when considering the dramatic savings you can expect is usually time very well spent!

Homemade Windmills – An Old Tradition With a Modern Twist!

Recent events in the gulf coast of the US have forced us to take a hard look at how we get our energy. Using fossil fuels is not sustainable at best and catastrophic at worst. We need more people to make a commitment to do things differently!

Commitments to a Green Future

Companies should be offering customers easy, affordable and sustainable ways to make their homes more energy efficient because this green lark is a team effort, team UK. Green is not just a colour or a word used to annoy people to death about switching lights off and not leaving your television on standby, it’s a word that covers a whole host of things on which our futures depend.

A Greener Way of Shopping – Think Reusable

In an effort to reduce the impact upon trees and because oil was relatively cheap, paper bags were phased out decades ago and in came the ubiquitous and admittedly convenient plastic bag. OK, it was a bit flimsy but strong enough for a one way trip from shop or department store to home. A huge advantage over the paper bag was that it did not disintegrate when rained upon and they became so cheap to produce by the million that nobody ever had to buy a plastic bag at the checkout – hey, you could take a bag for 20…

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