Why This Startup Is On The Verge of Disrupting The Whole Energy Industry!!

Eco Friendly Alternatives to Recycling

Nearly all of us are having to recycle now. Either as a personal choice or because we are instructed to by our local authorities many of us have to trawl through our waste and separate the different items for recycling. We can of course use recycling bins around the home.

Tips for Organic Vegetable Gardening

Growing your own vegetables is healthier and more cost-effective than buying them from a grocery store. Organic gardening is a current trend in which you don’t use man-made chemicals to rid your plants of insects or fertilizer to increase your soil’s efficiency. These organic gardening tips will help you grow fresh, healthy vegetables right in your own yard.

All About Living Off Grid

It’s a fact that all off grid homes have clean energy sources as their focal point. Whether living off grid in the suburbs or out in the open country, other power sources such as hydro power, wind or even sunlight are the means to a really sustainable, off-grid life.

Build A Wind Turbine – DIY Help

Now people are starting to see the benefits of some devices that help produce electricity for your home such as solar panel and the wind turbine. Between this two, solar panels are more known and popular compared to wind turbines. But they have almost the same goals and benefits such as lightening your burden on your electric bills.

DIY Residential Wind Turbine – Green Power For Your Home

In residential wind turbines, not all residences can have wind turbine since it depends on the area or place where you live in. If ever you live in an area with lots of high buildings where you cannot have a wind axis, then it is not advisable for you to have this wind turbine since in here, you need a flow of the wind.

Recycling Ink Cartridges, Great for the Environment

In this day and age, there is much significance that is given to the concept of recycling. The fact of the matter is that with majority of people going green, it comes as no surprise that as a whole there should be a concerted effort in saving the world from pollution. While there has been a great deal of focus on saving paper, water and electricity and reducing gas emissions, there are so many other things that we can in do to go green.

DIY Wind Turbine Kits – The Easy DIY Option

They say a wind turbine is a good investment for you will benefit from it in the future. There are two types of wind turbine the vertical axis and the horizontal axis you can find small wind turbines or large ones depending on your preference.

How To Make A Wind Generator – Six Questions to Ask Before You Decide On Anything

There is nothing worse than having to run back to the hardware store and return a DIY project because you did not take the time to ask yourself a few questions first. If you want to make your own wind generator this is particularly true. Just ask yourself…

Autumn – Good Time to Start Composting

Autumn is only around the corner and provides us with one last opportunity to get the garden on order before mother natures freezes everything. Autumn is also a time when the leaves fall from the trees so getting rid of all this garden waste is often an annual chore. A good garden bin is essential for disposing of garden waste but also there is another solution for not only getting rid of all this unwanted greenery but also a great way to feed the garden too – composting.

Green Energy – Why and How

Never has there been such a desperate need for clean, environmentally friendly and cost effective energy. With disasters like the recent gulf oil spill, global warming and the ever increasing financial and environmental cost associated with oil, coal and other fossil fuels converting our homes and businesses to green energy is becoming a real priority. Why has the move to alternative or green energy become such a major issue and how can and should we proceed to address these issues.

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