Why The Old Zinc Batteries Could be The Future of the Energy Storage Industry

Want to Live Green, Remove Yourself From This Planet – Literally in an Eco-friendly Space Colony

Some folks are a little overzealous when it comes to living green, and their less-than-green counterparts like to give them a hard time, calling them tree huggers, greenies, and all sorts of other derogatory things. The funny thing is that those who really wish to live green and consider themselves politically correct, environmentally responsible, and eco-friendly don’t really care what anyone else calls them. These folks to which I speak, the greenies or green living eco-friendlies are liable to flip off a Hummer as it drives by.

Is Your New Community Environmentally Friendly?

For those of you out there who are living green, I know that you all make efforts to live green within your home and to teach your friends and family all about recycling and being energy efficient and just living a conservative lifestyle when it comes to natural resources. However, we must continuously ask ourselves how we can go beyond the normal day-to-day efforts we are making. We need to make sure that when given the opportunity we are making the best choices for our environment.

Become Popular Around Town With Garden Solar Lights

Solar garden lighting brings a pinch of beauty and style to your entire home. Garden solar light products give a soft, warm light which is perfect for landscaping and other outdoor purposes. Apart from being trendy, garden solar light has many other benefits. You can also use gardens solar fountains for decorating your pond area and bare this in mind: there are no extra costs to your electricity bill. With garden solar light you will bring your garden to life and make it shine! After installing your eco friendly light, you will be the talk of the town or at least of the neighborhood.

Living Green by Preventing Forest Fires – Is California Liable For Their Forest Fire CO2 Also?

Many people are concerned about limiting what their carbon footprint. And if you’re really concerned about limiting your carbon footprint, why not go the full length and see how much CO2 you can prevent during this lifetime from getting into our Earth’s atmosphere from humans. I have a suggestion, and that would be to limit forest fires. In fact, limit these mega-fires altogether.

Power For Home – Ways to Use Solar Electric Power Systems

Controlling the energy coming from the sun in the form of heat and light into electricity is a powerful invention. Solar systems gives any average homeowner the opportunity to put that energy into use. Learn more about solar electric power systems.

DIY Green Energy Out of DIY Solar Panel Plans

Why most of us do not realize and make any effort to harness this free energy source for our own personal use? Learn how DIY solar panels plans work and how you could make benefit out of it.

Are Homemade Solar Power Systems Easy to Build?

Do you want to create your own home-made solar power system? This can save you a lot of money off your regular energy bill. Discover more, here.

Go Green Now

The whole green issue in the past is usually focused on what social organisations and the government are doing to save our planet. April 22, 2010 is the 40th anniversary of earth day, and it does not matter who are you – old or young, male or female – everybody could give a helping hand.

Free Ways to Go Green

Going green is something I think we all want do to. The problem is most of us either do not know how or what do do, or we just cannot afford it.

Recycling – Small Steps Can Make a Big Difference!

Anyone can recycle. You don’t have to have a big recycling plan in place, just start small and do what you can. Eventually you will find yourself doing more and more.

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