Why Stirling Engines Can Also Serve As Energy Storage Systems

Building Residential Solar Panel Systems the Easy Way – Even a Kid Can Do It

Today, ordinary people are proudly posting their own DIY solar panel photos online, and one of those photos even show a kid who supposedly assembled a solar panel on his own. This is truly remarkable because it means that building your own solar panel is easy, parts are accessible and cost is reasonable-so complicated instructions, unavailability of parts and high cost are no longer valid as excuses not to utilize solar energy.

Garden in a Car

Car Garden – or my attempt at converting my old car into a garden. Here is a list of my plan to turn my old green Ford Festiva hatchback into a crop garden. Hope you like it enough to try your own. I will have a second article once it is built.

Doormats That Give Back

Historically, Maine lobstermen have used float-rope to tether together multiple traps on the ocean floor. Unfortunately, this float rope sometimes entangles whales, typically leading to injury and death New regulations, put in place to protect the whales, adds financial burden to lobstermen, while also flooding our environment with thousands of pounds of no-longer-needed float rope. The Maine Float Rope Company is changing this, one doormat at a time.

Learn to Build Your Own Solar Panel System – How to Find a Good DIY Guide

How much experience do you figure you would need to build your own solar panel? Are you thinking you probably need to be a licensed electrician or at least be a general contractor?

Don’t Throw Out Your Rechargeable Batteries – Restore Them

How many times have you tossed out old batteries when you thought they were dead? There have been plenty that I got rid of. That was before I learned that you can restore them back to life and keep using them longer.

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy – What’s Stopping Us From Generating Our Own Electricity?

Solar energy is one of the most obvious choice for alternative green energy. But why are we not taking advantage of this resource? This article offers the answer.

Three Important Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Home Solar Energy System

Going solar is not as simple as buying solar panels and installing them on the top of your roofs. There are factors that will dictate the quality and capacity of the home solar power solution that will address your electricity need. Determine these factors and get the best out of your home solar energy system.

How to Determine If Wallpaper is “Green”

If you are like many people these days and are looking for more eco-friendly options for decorating your home, then you may be wondering what to put on your walls. Of course, you can run to the nearest home improvement or paint store and find some interesting or vibrant shade of paint that has zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), but if you are someone that likes the added design dimension that wallpaper adds to a room, you may be stumped as to what to choose. The good news is that there are green wallpaper options available as…

Eco Friendly Home Based Business – Buying Name Brand Green Products

What better time to be interested in earth friendly products, especially for an eco friendly home based business? Think about why you are interested in a home business surrounding Earth friendly products?

Marine Solar Power – Tips and Tricks on Getting Boat Solar Power Generators

Marine solar power is a lot different from installing a normal solar panel array on your house. Marine solar power is becoming increasingly popular as the cost of solar panels is going down and the ubiquity of sun out at sea.

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