Why Redox Flow Batteries Can Be The Answer To Large Scale Energy Storage

Solar Power For Homes in the Third World

No where is the demand for energy more intense, nor the ability to fill that demand more viable with solar energy, than in the third world. Many third world homes are without power. Living in areas where solar energy abounds, rural residents often live in small, one-room homes.

Green Home Office – Creating a Green Work Space at Home

The economy, it is a-changing. Higher costs for energy and waste disposal are driving a shift toward conservation.

The Water Heater – What to Do to Save Home Thermal Energy

Hot water is considered a necessity we all cannot live without. Think of taking a shower on a very cold and misty morning, or taking the grease off from the dinner plates with cold running water in the evening.

Make Your Humble Abode a Solar Power House

While even the first inhabitants of the earth know how to make use of the sun, it is only these days when people were able to rightly comprehend the means that can be done in order to apply the sun to modern pleasures. Because our technology cannot be controlled from rising these days, solar power house is becoming a present trend. Are you curious about the sudden rush of interest over solar energy?

Building Solar Panels is Not As Straightforward As You Think it Is

It is a known fact among people of the world that it is now cheaper to use solar energy compared to other forms of electricity. Technological development at present times would comprise of using Photovolataic cells which is why the difference in price is likely observe.

Benefits of Organic Composting

One of the easiest and best organic gardening techniques is the subject of this article. I want to take a moment to discuss the benefits associated with composting organic materials.

Green Living and Food Packaging

Did you know that the State of California has recently outlawed plastic bags at the grocery store? And I assume that this new law will take effect sometime in the future. Those who make the plastic bags, and those the plastic industry think this is terrible. And they have several reasons. One is that some plastic bags are made from corn products, and in the refining process of making ethanol, and BioDiesel, there are leftover molecules which can be put together to make polymer chains, and yes grocery store plastic bags.

The Facts About Solar Power Myths

One of the best roles you can assume today in creating a better world for tomorrow is that of a “Solar Power Myth Buster.” I can see it now, you masked crusader you. Before you grab your cape and head out the door, though, let’s arm you with a few facts about solar power myths: Solar power is too expensive.

Environment Products – Eco Furniture

Eco furniture has a wide selection of fixtures designed for the different rooms of the house. In the bedroom, the pieces would include beds and side tables.

How to Start Living Green – An Easy Strategy to Begin Living a Greener Lifestyle

The green living movement is gaining momentum. Early on there were a few strong-willed renegades willing to create a lifestyle in which they lived almost completely “off the grid.” Telling someone that you “live off the grid” creates an immediate impression.

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