Why Don’t We Take Geothermal Energy More Seriously?

Steel Buildings and the Advantages of Living Walls

Living walls are green, bio, vegetated, living or eco-walls. They are vertical gardens and can include any type of vegetative covering of a standard wall, such as hanging gardens and climbing vines.

Going Green – Every Little Bit Helps

Many people today are finally beginning to realize the necessity of taking care of the beautiful planet that God has given us. With all of the chemicals and wastes that are being dumped on and filtered into our environment, it is vitally important that each and every person does their part to protect it.

Green Cleaning Services

In the rapidly growing ‘green’ industry, cleaning services are leading the way with more environmentally friendly products and services. This article discusses how cleaning services are working hard to do their part on behalf of the green movement.

Building a Greener Home

How we decide to build our home, is one of the most important ways that we can help our future. We have to think about how much energy is used in the building materials themselves, in their transportation and assembling. Once the house is then built, how much energy does it use to keep its inhabitants comfortable?

With an Ornamental Compost Crock, Keep Your Food Castoffs Inside With No Smells

Keep an ornamental compost crock in your kitchen to gather your food remains, until you can bring them outside. This small container has a filter so your scraps will not smell as you keep them inside for a few days. There are so many different styles that you can buy one to match the design of your house.

Solar Energy Devices

In Arizona the sun shines almost year round making the idea of Solar Energy ideal. So you might ask why hasn’t Solar Energy taken off long before now? The answer is simple, the technology was not available and affordability was not plausible to the average American homeowner, until now.

Discover Green Energy – Three Great Ideas Will Save You Money on Energy Costs

Would you like to save money on energy costs? Here are three great ideas that will help you do so.

Secret Revealed – Getting Solar Power Photo Voltaic Cells For a Low Cost Or Even Free

One of the draw backs to converting from on-grid electricity to Solar Power is the perceived expensiveness of the project. This need not be the case. It is possible for the average home do-it-yourself-er to convert their home or business to solar power.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Home Solar Kits

Home solar kits are being sought after more each day. With the power companies increase in energy usage every year more people may turn to alternative sources of energy. There are some great benefits that come along with a home solar kit and there are some draw backs as well.

Going Green With Power Tools – Repairing Your Power Tools Instead of Replacing Them

Repairing your power tools rather than replacing them will not only save you money, but will reduce your carbon footprint as well. Craft smarter and live greener with repaired power tools.

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