Why Covering Canals With Solar Panels Is A Power Move

Go Green and Start Living a Healthier and Happier Life

Bamboo is one of the most commonly used plants. This plant is far healthier and safer than any other plant. The reason of its increased usage in the manufacturing of products like clothing, furniture, paints, gardening material, bedding, building material and various other accessories is that it is available in huge quantity.

Solar Power – Can Solar Energy Be Affordable?

Is there really affordable solar energy? We hear advertisements an T.V. and Radio about all kinds of solar power where someone will come to your home or business and give you an estimate for thousands of dollars to install half of your roof top with panels to generate electricity for your home.

Cutting Back and Going Green

For many homeowners, the two goals of reducing expenses and becoming more ecologically friendly end up in opposition. However, when one thinks about it, going green saves energy which should save money. Doing both at the same time simply requires a different mindset than that recommended by the green industry.

Wood Pellets As a Source of Green Energy

At first thought, wood pellets may not seem like a form of green energy. After all, in order to make wood pellets, trees must be cut from the forests to supply the raw material. But many consumers, industries and even governments are looking to pellets as a source of clean renewable energy.

Clean Energy – Can I Benefit From It?

Being a home owner, you may be continually trying to find approaches to lower your operating as well as servicing expenses. Therefore have you considered clean energy? Did you know there are solar heating tubes you can use in order to heat water a lot more economically?

Using Rainwater Harvesting For Multi-Dwellings

Rainwater can be used indoors and outside if drinking quality mains water is not required. Almost a third of our daily water is literally flushed down the toilet so, by using rainwater for the washing machine and in the garden, (for irrigation, cleaning and water features etc) about half of the average mains water consumption can be saved. For the individual household, this concept is easy: collect rainwater from the roof, filter it, store it, preferably in an underground tank, and when necessary then pump it to where it is needed.

By Using Less Tap Water You Can Help Reduce Flood Water

Rainwater harvesting is now seen as a means of reducing mains water consumption, something that we are now all under strong official pressure to do. It is also now recognized that rainwater harvesting can at the same time contribute to attenuating flood water flow, i.e. holding some storm water that comes off the roof and letting it flow at a controlled, slower, rate to the drain or soakaway.

Green Clean Your Home For a Lighter Environmental Footprint

As environmental issue become more prominent in the news, people are wondering what steps they can take to reduce their impact on the natural world. Fortunately, there are many things the average person can do from planting a tree, recycling or buying organic food. However, one area that is often overlooked is house cleaning.

Solar Power

Check libraries, book stores and internet sites for ideas that will help cut heating and cooling costs. These do not have to be expensive and complicated projects. Let’s start with trees and shrubs. For novices, the main thing to keep in mind is simplicity.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – Make Lifestyle Changes to Minimize Greenhouse Gases

Your carbon footprint is the sum total of the CO2 emissions, expressed in kg, that your personal lifestyle causes that effects climate change. Reducing your carbon footprint is the practice of making lifestyle changes to minimize the greenhouse gases that we individually produce. A carbon footprint is comprised of two parts, a primary footprint which denotes your direct involvement in CO2 emissions and represents the energy that you burn in your home and in personal transportation. If you are happy to drive an energy efficient car, then why not live in an energy saving house?

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