Why Aluminum Air Batteries Could Put An End To Range Anxiety

Homemade Energy – Solar Power System

A Solar Power System converts energy from the sun to electricity. If you live in a place where it’s really sunny most of the time of year, you can actually use homemade energy and build a homemade Solar Power System and save money from your electric bills.

Alternative Solar Energy Tips & Advice

Discover simple alternative solar energy tips & advice. Now is the best time to benefit from a home solar energy system and save yourself thousands of dollars.

A Greener Day

When did “green living” change from theory to reality? What kind of changes are really necessary, and do we have enough time?

Are Discount Solar Panels a Bang Or a Bust?

Everyday more and more companies are popping up offering discount solar panels, but is it worth it to be frugal? In this economy every single penny needs to be watched and accounted for. That is one of the biggest reasons people start looking at home solar panel systems in the first place. If you could eliminate your monthly electric bill or even significantly reduce it what is the most you would be willing to pay.

Tips to Save on Electricity

If you’re serious about learning how to save on electricity…Here’s a short list of easy-fix energy wasters that you can implement right away.  This list doesn’t require that you spend any money on tools or equipment.  

Rain Barrel – How to Maintain It

We not only help to save water, but also indirectly this leads to saving water costs. It is like hitting 2 birds with a stone. Setting up this system is very relatively easy and very low in maintenance if you know how to take care of it properly.

How Can I Save Energy?

Like many people I love to feel that I’m doing my bit for the planet. Although you are trying to save the planet you can also be helping your bank balance as well. I’ve written the following article to inform you of the best energy saving tips that will not only save the environment but also your wallet. I hope the following article is informative.

Urgent Warning About Solar Panels For the Home

If you are considering setting up solar panels for the home you live in you need to be warned about something that is going on and not being talked about. Big companies out there do not want this information to get out, but it is more important than ever that someone speaks up and lets everybody know what is really going on.

Kilos For Kilowatts

In a controversial first, a trial program coined ‘Kilos for Kilowatts’ has started up in a forward-thinking US town. The town, which has joined forces with leading energy company Kinergy, has installed a series of industrial strength battery panels that will house stored ‘kinetic’ energy that’s transferred from a nearby gymnasium.

How You Weigh Wind Power Cost With the Traditional Energy

The wind power is obtained from a windmill to turn a turbine to generate electric energy to run lights, gadgets and electronic equipment in homes and buildings. The simple equation is of converting energy from one form to another through an ordinary mechanism, which has earned huge popularity. The initial source of the energy being absolutely free, you only need to assemble a device to convert the energy for your need of electricity.

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