Why Algae May Be The Next Gen Plastic

Natural Resources on the Dwindle – Can You Do Your Bit With Home Made Solar Energy?

The main concern of any urban citizen should be to practice a little frugality and conserve natural resources. Today, erosion of natural resources like trees, fossil fuels and water are having a go at the planet and in the most destructive manner possible.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Global warming is real. The melting ice caps and significant changes in weather seen throughout the world are signals to us that we need to change the way we do things. Each family needs to shrink its carbon footprint.

DIY Solar Power Home Guide – 4 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

The more you cut your energy consumption the less it will cost to set up a solar electric system. There are lots of great ways to save energy and that will save you money. Who wants to burn their hard earned money? It just takes a little thought.

Eco Friendly Tips to Living Green

Being eco friendly or living in an environmentally friendly way is often preached to us from the media, government, friends and colleagues. But eco friendly living can often be confusing with mixed messages coming from different quarters.

Use the Internet As a Great Resource For Information on Natural Gas Water Heaters

You can just about find any type of information that you need by accessing the Internet, including finding out information about Natural Gas Water Heaters if you are currently in the market to purchase one. You will find that there are many types of water heaters as well as brands on the market today so doing research will make sure that you get the right type of water heater for your home and your family. You can use the Internet in order to compare the different types as well as how much they cost so that you can stay within …

Living Off the Grid – Care for Your Environment, Use Green Solar Energy

If you want to totally be familiar with the benefits of green solar energy, you are required to first be aware of how solar power is gathered. There are two kinds of green solar power – thermal and light.

A Home Energy Guide to Live Green and Save

Given the state of the economy we are all looking for ways to save money. We’re looking for things that are long term and secure. We’re all in the same situation and looking for ways to save on those monthly bills and if we can help the environment while saving… bonus!

Green Energy Consumption Tips From Master Electricians

The following article provides tips from master electricians regarding home energy conservation. Many people are concerned about the state of the earth and how they can help the “green” efforts. There are many things a single person can do to contribute, but to start one does not have to go too far. Any person from teachers to master electricians can provide insight regarding the green effort.

Reduce Energy Consumption – Save Energy

Why can’t I stop wasting Energy? Take a look at your appliances. Go save some energy…

How to Use Ecologically Sustainable Building Materials in Your Own Home

If you are feeling more than a little guilty because of the environmental impact that home building takes on nature, you are not mistaken – and you are not alone, either. As more and more people are learning that good households can coincide with environmental protection, the idea of using ecologically sustainable building materials in homes is rising in popularity. There is good reason behind this, as well, with millions of square kilometers of land and plenty of energy being consumed each year all over the world simply to construct buildings. Here are some of the ways for you to help nurture Mother Earth while attaining the real estate of your dreams.

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