What Is STEM & Why Is It So Important?


Recycling – Age and Beauty

Age is just a number. Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it is no longer useful. Find new uses for once-loved items and recycle your old way of thinking!

Creating an At-Home Magnetic Power Generator – What You DIDN’T Know

Building a Magnetic Power Generator: Fact or Fiction? Is it really possible to get free energy, safely and easily?

Solar Panels – The Basics

The use of solar energy is growing and developing at an amazingly fast rate – so much so it will soon be one of the world’s top industries. Due to this rapid expansion in solar energy options now available on the market, plus an equally rapid fall in component prices, it is crucial that you do your research and understand all the potential pitfalls before making any financial commitment to proceed.

Solar Power Equipment and Solar Electricity System Explained

It is very amazing to know that the energy that human beings consume in one whole year is only equivalent to one hour of sun’s energy being emitted to the earth. Indeed the sun possesses enormous amount of energy and yet massive it may be, it gives life to all the creatures on the earth’s surface. Each organism makes use of the solar energy in different ways.

Solar Lights Can Provide a Very Efficient and Alternative Light Source

Solar power has been around for years however in the early days owing to the lesser technology and cost solar power was very much a commercial product. However this has changed dramatically over the years resulting in a very cost effective alternative power source for many applications, solar flood lights of varying shapes and sizes are one avenue that has become very popular in the domestic market. The basic technology is very simple a small panel is used to capture the sun’s rays which in turn is stored in batteries and used to power the light.

Home Wind Turbines, a Partial Solution For the 21st Century Power Grid

One of the greatest challenges to alternative energy is the need to upgrade the existing power grid infrastructure. This will be time consuming and costly. This article will explain that need and offer a low cost, retroactive solution for a portion of that need.

Investing in Earth’s Solar Future

When we receive a pay check at the end of the week, we take care of our bills and all our other needs. With the remaining money, we usually treat ourselves with something we want. Or maybe we put money aside for a vacation.

Solar Outdoor Lights Now Solar Powered Backpacks!

A solar powered backpack. Anyone can benefit for this solar powered product.

Al Gore Was Truly a Man With Vision Regarding Alternative Power Sources

Well what a great man Al Gore was (life to date) and bar a few votes in Florida might have been the greatest US President the world had ever seen. The world could have been a totally different and a better place and maybe no worldwide recession in a perfect Al Gore world.

Solar Power Sources – Make Your Own Solar Panel

Solar power is energy which comes from the sun. This energy is very powerful and hits the earth regardless of whether or not we take advantage of it. Even the tiny percentage of sunlight that touches the earth is plenty to meet the energy and power needs of the entire human population more than 8,500 times over. This is why solar power sources are the future for planet earth.

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