What can space teach us about climate change?

Your Questions Answered Concerning Environmentally Safe Paints

Solvents from typical paints are entering the environment and I am certain we would all wish this could be prevented. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are getting into the our surroundings. Ozone damage, increased risk of smog, and possible global warming, are just some of the results this might cause. As we become more and more conscious of the problems posed by global warming, other options to normal paints are being sought. During the ’90s, when we had our first look at the first environmentally friendly paints, they failed to take off.

Homemade Wind-Powered Generator

The world’s resources are coming to and end. We are going to run of the basic fuel in just a few decades. Our ever-increasing demand and population has made all our resources run dry.

Some Information on Household Worm Factories

In order to preserve and save the environment the government has taken up certain measures. One such measure is turning organic waste into compost. This can be easily done with the help of a worm factory.

Is A Homemade Wind Turbine More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

A homemade wind turbine can cost a fortune if you aren’t careful. Learn inside how you can size things up YOUR particular situation before you go too far.

Learn Top Eco Friendly Ideas For Your Home

Are you looking for ways on how you can contribute to taking care of the environment even in your own small ways? Because you can make a difference right there in your home and I can help you with that through some eco friendly ideas that you can use right away.

A Home Wind Turbine Is NOT For Everybody – 2 Main Reasons

A home wind turbine doesn’t work for everyone yet. Here are the main 2 reasons why.

Tankless Water Heaters Do Not Provide Instant Hot Water

Installing a new tankless water heater will reduce your energy bill. If it takes “forever” to get hot water to one or more of your sinks or showers with your old system it will actually take 2 to 3 seconds longer with your new system. Only a re-circulation pump utilizing your cold water pipe to return cool water in your hot water pipes to the water heater will allow you to get hot water faster.

Several Tips to Go Green

Nowadays, the ideology of “going green” is getting more and more popular. We find ourselves in a world which is full of the overwhelming eco-friendly information in the press, on the television and over the radio. Needless to say, going green can not only preserve our planet, but also save money and energy.

Connecting Wind Turbines For The Home To The Grid

It is one thing to buy buy wind turbines for the home and it is another to connect them to the grid. This article shows you how.

The Importance of Using Eco Friendly Cleaner in Your Home

There is nothing better than how you feel after you clean your home. Everyone loves a clean home, but you may not realize it, you could be actually polluting your own home every time you take out the cleaners to clean. Many people do not realize that some of the chemicals in the cleaners they use actually affect the air within their homes in very negative ways.

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