Watch Out For This Startup’s SHORT BLADE Battery!!

Grey Water Systems

For a while back in England I worked as a drainage engineer and I installed big plantation such as sewage treatment plants and septic tanks. I often wondered about making a holding tank after the sewage treatment plant to use for water irrigation.

Is it Possible to Be Green and Still Buy Wood Furniture?

Absolutely! Acacia is a very hard, durable wood grown from fast-growing trees. These trees make beautiful shade trees. However, the fact that they can be replenished and grown so easily and quickly makes the use of Acacia wonderful for the environment.

Why Install a Solar Power Kit?

Using panels of photovoltaic cells, a voltage inverter, batteries and some wiring, you can not only save money with a solar power kit, you can also increase the value of your home significantly. This is not a labor-intensive install requiring any expertise or mechanical know-how.

If You Are Going Green, Timber Cladding Wall Finish Should Be at the Top of Your to Do List

The environment has become a heavy issue discussed in various world forums and international caucuses. A lot has been said but very little has been done to reverse environmental degradation and climatic change. One of the initiatives companies and individuals are taking upon themselves is Going Green. This involves adopting planet-friendly practices at home, at work, and in fact in every sphere of life.

Eco Products That Really Make a Difference

There are a wide variety of eco friendly products out there that claim to be better for the environment than traditional products, as well as being able to save you money. And many of these products can make real savings and a huge difference in the amount of energy we consume. Other products however, are not quite as effective so it becomes difficult to judge what eco friendly products are really worth getting and ones that are perhaps not.

3 Essential Reminders in Ordering Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillows

More and more people are now going green by finding products made from organic materials. This will help them do their part of protecting the environment by producing organic buckwheat hull pillows. These pillows are considered to be something better than what you can get online from other stores because of their hypoallergenic properties.

The Benefits of Radiator Foil and Panels

Radiators, to save space, are usually installed lying flat against a wall, maybe two to three inches away. However, what this means is that all the heat radiating from the back of the radiator is lost – soaked up by the wall behind.

What Does “Going Green” Really Mean?

Do you know what going green really means? If you are like some people, going green means giving up on everything that tastes good and even your car because it puts off bad emissions. If you would like to go green, that does not mean you have to give up everything that you like such as your car and processed food.

Exterior LED Lighting – The Cost Effective and Contemporary Alternative

Exterior lighting is among the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of your property, and exterior LED lighting is amongst the most effective choices you can make. The advantages of LED lighting are extensive.

Magniwork Generator – You Can Build Your Own Magnetic Energy Generator

You are spending way too much on electricity every month! Dig out a year’s worth of bills or use your online banking records to add up how much you hand over to the electric company in a given year. The figure will astound you and help you see why you need something like the Magniwork Generator.

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