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Greenhouse Plans – A More Affordable Approach to Greenhouse Building

After making the decision to build a greenhouse, you have to go through the tedious but enjoyable process of planning for it. There are, however, so many decisions to make during this stage that some people tend to get overwhelmed and just scrap the idea altogether. This is very unfortunate as there are ways to plan and build a greenhouse that are not overwhelming in any way. This article aims to outline the steps that could be taken when building a greenhouse.

Solar Power and Where You Can Go Wrong

It’s a fact solar power has great potential, it can solve the high energy bills and reduce pollution rates big time. There are many great projects and how to’s which are easy and beneficial to do and there are a few which are a complete waste of money.

Water Conservation – The Big Picture

Water conservation is no longer a luxury. Clean and safe drinking water is becoming more and more scarce, even in areas with seemingly sufficient rainfall. Groundwater is being depleted at a rapid rate. We must educate ourselves about the hidden uses of water, such as the 1,860 gallons of water it takes to end up with one pound of beef for a beef roast, or the 713 gallons of water used to make one T-shirt. Water conservation is more than turning the water off when you brush your teeth.

How to Avoid Wasting Water With Your Sprinkler System

Tired of your lawn turning brown and ugly during the hot summer months? It can be frustrating since your lawn is critical to your home looking its very best.

Look Inside the Green Energy Home of the Future

Today we look at what a typical home design might be in our near future. The shell or structure of our new home will be made of dense Styrofoam that are 12 inches thick blocks that interlock like a jig saw puzzle, giving the home strength and stability. Covered with special space age sheeting, our home will be well protected because; the special siding warms in the winter-time and cools in the heat of summer.

Top 3 Solar Power Mistakes to Avoid

There is a huge buzz going around about solar panels and many people are jumping on the “go green” train. In the big haste people make mistakes and these mistakes sooner or later will cost them money. Continuing along with this article you will learn about the top three most common mistakes that you should avoid when you plan to use solar power instead of the conventional one.

Considering Buying Solar Panels? Read This Review Before You Do

Of all forms of alternative energy, solar energy seems best. However, the initial up front investment scares most people, and rightfully so. Is it worth it to take the plunge for a huge ROI and a huge cut to your emissions and your taxes? Of course, but it’s easier said than done.

Solar Cooking – Toward a More Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Living

Solar cooking is a cost-effective alternative to traditional cooking methods such as using gas or electricity. This promotes conservation of the environment by making use of the sun’s energy, which is more sustainable and cost-efficient than wood or charcoal.

Understanding the Benefits of Solar Power

So you think you know all about solar power and think it’s inconvenient and awkward? You don’t know just how useful it can be. Take solar rings, for instance. These are small rings that hook together and cover the surface of a swimming pool.

Where to Buy Solar Panels Now

Are you wondering where to buy solar panels? If you have been wondering where to buy solar panels, you are going to want to read this article. Here you will soon discover the information you need, to be able to get the best. So, read this article, and discover where to buy solar panels, quickly!

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