Vending Machine Collects Plastic Bottles and Donates to Charity

Eco-Friendly Rug Cleaning Options

Having clean area rugs does not have to come at the expense of our surroundings. Thankfully, there are a number of rug cleaning solutions that are very eco-friendly and just as effective as the products we are all used to.

What Are Solar PV Panels?

Units containing one or many photovoltaic cells for the purpose of producing electricity are known as solar PV panels. As it is evident, the abbreviation ‘PV’ stands for Photovoltaic.

The Components of a Rainwater Collection System

Rainwater collection is the process of harvesting water during a rain shower. This has been a practice for thousands of years, and up to now, people are still developing even more efficient ways to capture rainwater. The water harvested will then be used for such purposes as drinking water, domestic use, land irrigation and so much more.

Waste Management: The Next Step After Recycling

Recycling is not a new concept and has in fact been in use for many decades, however it is just recently that the masses are adopting this practice into their everyday lives. As a result corporations’ marketing departments are charging full force to offer consumers a plethora of “environmentally-friendly” products, many of which are made of recycled materials. This is definitely a positive change and a step in the right direction, however recycling is a just a band-aide for the waste producing society we have all grown up in and around. The real solution is true waste management.

Sustainable Kitchen Remodeling: Bamboo RTA Cabinets

Most people understand that driving a car with good gas mileage can help the environment and adding more insulation to their home may save energy, but how can you be eco-friendly during a kitchen remodel? Actually it’s not as difficult as you might think – there are many kitchen remodeling materials made from sustainable or recycled products and using them can result in a beautiful eco-friendly transformation for your room.

Should You Build Your Own Solar Panels?

Despite the availability and relatively low cost of small solar panel kits, there are a good number of people who prefer to build their own solar panels. Why do they do it? This article explores the motivations that drive some to create working solar panels nearly from scratch.

Cheap Compost Bins – A Balance of Nature and Convenience

If you’re like me, you are one of those types of people who take recycling and green living seriously. That is why I have come to talk to you about the many benefits of composting. If you’ve never heard of composting, it is basically a way for you to make your own soil from the leaves that fall down in your yard and the kitchen scraps you would normally throw away or put in the insinkerator.

Solar Post Lights to Light Your Driveway

Solar lights for driveways are becoming more popular all the time. Some people use them as guides for night-time guests who come by auto or on foot. Other people integrate solar driveway lights into their overall security plan for their home.

Why Build With Straw Bales?

There are many different reasons people choose to build with bales. From an environmental perspective, bales are an annually renewable waste resource. Every year, there are thousands of tons of straw left in the fields and often just burned. Some is used for bedding for animals. What better use for this waste resource than to use it as building material, which happens to be essentially a waste product in Canada. Building with bales results in voluntary carbon sequestering; several tonne worth.

Composting With Manure – Cheap Compost Tips

How to compost with manure. Ideal for those with some sort of farm animals. These techniques also work with regular compost from the kitchen ie kitchen scraps etc.

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