Updating my DIY solar mobile power station with inexpensive Flypower lithium batteries.

The Importance of Recycling For Everyone

Recycling is a simple thing that everyone can do. If everybody did their part with recycling the world would be a better place to live.

The Growing Trend of Alternative Energy for the Home

There is growing interest in finding alternate energy that works for the home. Find out what you can do to use natural resources to power your home.

Easy Ways of Going Green

Changing your lifestyle to living green is now easier than ever! Today’s technology makes going green a painless change that will blend seamlessly with your current lifestyle. Soon living green will no longer be a goal but a way of life.

Cheap Solar Cells – Four Points You Ought To Consider In Deciding On The Best Solar Cells

Many individuals are already desperate to convert their power source to solar powered energy. With all the dozens of advantages that solar energy offers, it’s not anymore an unexpected case. Additionally, with the introduction of cheap solar cells, this purpose is easier to be achieved these moments already.

Build Your Own Solar Heat Panels – The Best, Low Cost Alternative Heating Solution

Solar heat panels are the best means of creating power for ourselves. These days we can build our own solar heat panels for a very low cost. We need to start saving our world now before its too late. Fossil fuels are slowly killing us. We must act now.

The Big Clean-Up of Your House

On weekends, it is very enjoyable to have a nice afternoon tea with your family. Besides pleasing afternoon tea, you can also do a big clean-up of your house. Maybe you are very busy during the week, so you want to fully relax your exhausted body and mind on weekends.

Thorough Mosaic Tile Cleaning

Mosaic tiles are frequently used household items in our daily lives. As they are usually applied in kitchens and bathrooms, we have to keep them clean all the time. However, it is not easy to make a thorough cleaning of mosaic tiles, for they have uneven surface.

Renewable Energy Sources – 2 Alternative Green Power Methods

Renewable Energy is becoming more popular today and why shouldn’t it, you are doing something good for our planet, it’s your home. You are also saving money. Your savings over the long run can be significant.

Saving Energy With Home Insulation – Greener Methods

If you want to make sure that your home ensures a high degree of warmth, you should think about home insulation. This is because home insulation is one of the best methods for saving energy and it is ecologically friendly too.

Reclaimed Wood? What on Earth Is That?

Interested in learning about Reclaimed Wood? Find out what makes this high quality, eco-friendly material so valuable and desired.

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