UK farming goes vertical for greener harvest!

Going Green And Saving Money: Solar Hot Water Heating

Most households in Australia use gas and electricity to heat water. In Australia, gas and electricity are created mainly from fossil fuels which one day will completely run out. Creating energy this way also adds greatly to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A new way has to be found. This is especially when it comes to using a solar hot water heating unit.

Three Steps To Greener Living

People worldwide are becoming more interested in green living. There are three steps you can take to make your home greener and reduce the size of your greenhouse footprint. They are: install a rainwater tank, a solar power system and a grey water system. With these three things in place you will enjoy many benefits.

Power From The Sun: Solar Powered Homes

Tapping into the energy from the sun is free and provides a never ending way to create power for your house or office. You can continue making power as long as the sun keeps shining. And due to advances in technology, it can now be very efficient and affordable to build solar powered homes.

Why Recycling Paper Is Good For the Environment

You may be tempted to slip the occasional newspaper or soda can in your trash rather than sort them for the recycling. The family will forgive you that once in a while, but if you find you have amassed quite a bit of paper over the last few weeks or months you should give serious thought to recycling more often. Taking your paper – especially if it contains personal information – to a professional shredder or else a reputable recycling plant benefits your home life as well as the environment.

Green Building Through Energy Efficiency

“Green Building” is a set of concepts that reduces the impact of buildings on our environment. One of the most effective green building strategies is to create an energy efficient building. The up front costs of some, but not all, of these items will be larger than traditional building practices. However, over the life of the building the energy savings will more than offset the original costs. Here are some of the basic strategies to creating an energy efficient building:

Wind Turbine Facts – As the Wind Blows

The Canadian Wind Energy Association believes that wind energy can produce up to 20% of Canada’s renewable electricity. You can use wind turbines for home use or perhaps a business, if the conditions meet wind turbines specifications.

Solar Panels – Are There More Where It’s Sunnier in the USA?

The USA is a huge country. This is a quick look to see if areas with more sunlight produce more power with solar panels.

Solar Panels – Be Honest, Tell Me the Disadvantages!

Solar energy system salesman may just try to impress you with the solar panels price they can offer. Here are a few other factors to bear in mind. I’m just being honest!

Solar Panels – What Are the Coolest Uses?

Solar energy is certainly not just used in solar panels, it is used all over the world. Find out more about what it is used for, and how solar panels can be useful.

Solar Panel Systems – Terminology

The world of solar energy is one that involves a lot of jargon. Here, we explain some solar panel terms.

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