Top 7 Technology That Are Changing the World

Automatic Lawnmowers Make Velvet-Looking Green Lawns the Green Way

Nothing sets off a house better than a well kept lawn. Robotic lawnmowers make lawns look evenly green, all the same length and colour and looking like velvet. Automatic lawnmowers need no input from humans once set up. No harmful emissions.

DIY Solar Power – Solar Site Evaluation

For any serious solar power project including the do-it-yourself kind, the first step must be a solar site evaluation to determine if your location is suitable for a solar system of any kind. Without a site evaluation, you are asking for a disappointing and possibly very expensive solar power experience. A solar site evaluation is also necessary to determine the proper sizing and placement of the solar array to ensure that it meets your objectives.

Inexpensive Seed Starting

Learn how to start a garden from seed cheaply, but effectively. It doesn’t cost as much as you might think!

Ceramic Water Coolers – A Smart Alternative

Water coolers are very common in the home and office, but have you heard of a ceramic water cooler? A ceramic water cooler will help you save money, and the environment. Read this article for more information.

What Are the Benefits Of Solar Power Battery Chargers?

The greatest thing about solar energy is that this energy is available anywhere the sun shines. Solar energy is the most available and renewable energy source and it is also free, it comes everyday to most parts of the world.

The Benefits Of Green Living

The term Green Power encompasses many fields and as our planet’s natural resources are slowly running out, we must find alternatives to replace them. We must take into consideration the serious problem of greenhouse gases and global warming.There are many alternative sources of renewable energy and these are the future technologies that must be developed if we are to provide future generations with a healthy environment in which to live.

Solar Electricity System – The Future of Alternative Energy!

Electricity has provided the means for the greatest developments known to man. Since it was invented, mankind has never been the same. The thing is we are becoming more and more dependent on electricity as new inventions and technologies evolve. So as the economies of the world increase so does the demand for electricity increase. We just can’t do without electricity! Now is the time to change to solar power as a sustainable energy source.

The Fundamentals of Electricity Produced at Home

You might think the notion of creating an electric generator for yourself is crazy. Given the amount of energy we all use in our daily life we all should at least consider making homemade electricity. I’m sure you have lots of questions as to how to go about this but it can be done.

Solar Panel Home Uses

Home made solar panels can be used in many ways to help reduce or eliminate the need for paying for electricity. From replacing small electric needs by utilizing minimal panels to powering the whole house when many panels are combined together.

Choosing Which Hydroponic Setup Is Right for You

Hydroponics systems come in many varieties, each with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Different plants require different systems as well. For example, if one wanted to grow strawberries, one would use a nutrient film technique setup, due to the small root systems. But if one wanted to grow tomatoes, they would want to use a system that allows much larger root growth room, such as deep water culture or ebb & flow. In this article I will go over the basic system types to give you an idea of which system will fit you’re needs.

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