Top 5: Biggest Coal Producers

The Latest Alternative Energy Source Is the Magnetic Generator

I keep on asking myself this question. With the state of affairs that our energy crisis is in means that we have to take a course of action to find an Alternative Energy source. The sign of the times means that it has to be environmentally friendly, as well as Renewable and inexpensive, Which leaves us with few choices.

Earth Friendly Cleaning Products – Are They For Real?

You are in your favorite grocery store, you’re rolling down the cleaning aisle happily looking at bleach. You glance over and see some green patterned bottle that states “this product is healthy for the environment.” Your mind is turning, now what? Do you buy it or do you pick up your bleach bottle?

Solar Panels: How They Work

There are a lot of people that are interested in solar energy technology. The fact of the matter is solar energy can be used to heat water in your home, heat water in a swimming pool and run your electricity.

DIY Solar Water Heater – Some Benefits Of Building Your Own

The steadily growing interest about how to make a solar water heater is not that surprising really because more people are getting fed up with the cost of their electricity consumption. If this describes you then pull up a chair because you have come to the right place.

3 Natural Ways to Combat Mosquitoes

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes: There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying time in your own backyard on a weekend. You fire up the BBQ, invite a few friends over, and relax and have a good time.

The Benefits of Smoke-Free Living

New Year’s Eve has come and gone but many of us are still struggling to keep those resolutions. For some it’s to lose those last 5 or 10 lbs., but for others, it’s to finally quit the pack a day or social smoking habit and live a smoke-free life.

Make Your Own Solar – Guide to a Solar PV Panel System

This article gives an overview of what makes up a typical solar photovoltiac (PV) system. A solar PV system is made up of several components, typically the PV module makes up 30-50% of the system with the Balance of System (BOS), which represents all the non-PV components of the system, making up the rest. This article will help you understand how to make your own solar panels and PV system.

Investing in Green Technology

Investing in green technology can mean different things to different people. The more we understand about green technology the more benefits we will receive by understanding how to invest. Investing in green technology can be as simple as building an energy efficient home, buying from companies that supply green technology, and using reusable materials that will have less effect on the environment.

Going Green – Vegetables For Fuel

With the constant demand for oil, government and society began to realize that fossil fuel would eventually run out and in order to prevent pandemonium and panic at fuel stations, we had to come up with other forms of green energy that is earth friendly. Using vegetable oils as a green energy source is a small step in the right direction to help in cleaning the air and hopefully prevent any further green house gas emissions which is slowly destroying our ozone. Unfortunately this is not enough, we as individuals can help and do our part by writing to…

Efficient Solar Cells – Powered by Tiny Elements of Power

This article briefly tells us about the Efficiency of Solar Cells. Solar cells are semi conductor devices which use sunlight to produce electricity. The process requires continuous monitoring to ensure quality control over a period of time. After the manufacturing process is complete they undergo final test to check their efficiency under normal conditions.

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