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Interesting Wind Power Facts – Compare to Coal and Oil Facts

With some interesting wind power facts in front of you, you might think twice about how much coal or oil you are using. It makes it seem more real with numbers.

Polished Concrete Floors – The Green, Clean Floor Choice

Polished concrete floors are a new technology flooring process that is become the new eco friendly solution for a multitude of property types. They are everywhere including big box and small retailers, restaurants, medical facilities, industrial and office buildings.

Eco Products for the Autumn

Autumn is a time of year when things start to change; it acts as a warning shot for what is to come when winter arrives and our household bills rise as the dark and cold draw in. Autumn, therefore, is a great place to begin thinking of ways to save money before winter truly begins and our bills rise in earnest. During the autumn months we begin to accumulate quite a lot of rubbish, as leaves fall from the trees, and we spend more time indoors.

Renewable and Non Renewable Energy

Energy exists in everything, whether it is a person, animal, or object. It comes from two different sources: renewable and non-renewable energy. Both of these types of energy have their good and bad points. Below you can see what these are for each type.

Help Lessen Earth’s Global Warming By Turning Off Lights

Scientists from all over the world also believe that the recent strong typhoons and heavy rain falls are due to the increase in temperature of our lands air surface and ocean waters. One way to conserve and to clean our environment is to observe energy efficiency program. A simple way of turning off lights for one hour a day could mean a day of preserving our fossil fuel for our future generation.

Cost of Installing Solar Panels – Calculate With 3 Most Important Factors

You are probably already aware of the benefits of installing solar panels. Like most people, the last barrier for going solar is most likely the cost consideration. Most people fear that the initial costs for solar are too large to pay off in the short run. This fear is compounded by the current financial recession.

Don’t Buy Solar Power Panels Before Answering These 5 Questions

With the advent of technology, especially in solar power, DIY solar panels are the best option for you to build your own solar panels. This technology is affordable because it saves you money and will last long into the future.

Biofuels – Renewable Energy

While biofuels might sound like a futuristic technology, humans have actually been using it for thousands of years. Simply put, biofuels are any renewable resources that we can grow back, like wood.

Rain Barrels – The New And Old Way Of Watering Your Garden

In today society, green is the new way to go. In this 21 century, everything is much about conserving to helps save the earth with environmental friendly products or system. This is all good as we need to ensure the next generation will have what we have today.

LED Vs HID Grow Lights – Helpful Tips Before Improving Your Indoor Garden

I would like to shed some light on these two different kinds of growing lights. If you new or an experienced indoor gardening like myself, you probably are familiar with these two types of growing lights. Here is a breakdown of pros and cons of each type and how they can be utilized to benefit your plants.

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