This Technology Will Revolutionize The Battery Industry With Its Billion Dollar Idea

Tips For Green Gardeners

Gardening, like many other things in life, is much more successful and ultimately enjoyable, when you start with a well thought out plan. To simply plant your favorite flowers with no regard for the season, the location of seeds, or for basic soil maintenance will guarantee nothing but a garden full of frustration.

Eco-Friendly Paints in Green Interior Design

One of the biggest areas that you can improve the environmentally friendly design in your home is in the colors that you choose to paint your walls. While creating a green interior design is an all encompassing theory and look in your room and home, paint selection is one of the largest areas that can affect the appearance of any room. Did you know that there are now lots of eco-friendly paints to choose from that are environmentally friendly and more healthy for you?

How Your Closet Can Contribute to a Greener Lifestyle

The template of a green lifestyle is created by the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. By focusing on one of the smallest spaces in your home-the closet-you can fulfill all of the three Rs. Here’s how.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – A Compost Pile Meets the Three Rs of Green Living

Taking steps to live a greener lifestyle is more important than ever. The three Rs of green living-reduce, reuse, recycle-are much more than mantra. They are a necessity. One beneficial way to meet all three Rs at once is to start a home compost pile. Having your own compost pile is an excellent green family activity.

Go Green and Save Money With Homemade Solar Panels

Do you want to convert to residential solar power? A lot of people still think it’s too expensive to install solar panels. Learn how you can save with home solar energy and how to lower the initial costs to a fraction of what you might think.

Environmentally Friendly Products For a Greener Home

Learn how using environmentally healthy products can improve the earth, your home and your skin. By incorporating just a few small changes into your life, you can help the world become a better, more economical and greener place to live.

Glass Countertops – Great For the House and Environment

Glass countertops have a great design that make them look great in the kitchen or the bathroom. Not only that but that they are environmentally friendly as well.

Renewable Alternative Energy – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In order to reduce our carbon footprint we must begin to rely more on renewable alternative energy sources. Not all alternative energy sources are renewable.

Bamboo Chair Mats in the Office is a Great Way to Go Green

So you might be interested in going green either at your office. But you are not sure what yet to buy. Have you thought about bamboo chair mats?

How to Save Money on Your Bills

I want to Introduce you to something that you are probably not to familiar with. Solar energy! That’s right, energy from the sun!

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