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Increase Your Home Water Supply Using This Simple Strategy

If you are into water conservation, there’s something I’d like to explain to you. Most people believe that good water management starts at home, but I beg to differ. The reality is that good water management starts on top of the home, that’s right, on top of the home.

Why Not Save The Water Coming Off the Roof This Winter?

Are you concerned about water, I think we all are? Well, if you are really concerned about drought mitigation and water supply in the long summer months then you should be collecting your rainwater during the winter. Most people do not realize this but if you have an average sized home in the United States and there is a storm that comes through with only a half an inch of rain – that is enough to fill up a 55 gallon drum of water.

I Want to Collect the Rain Water From My Roof to Save for the Garden – What Do I Do?

There are a few things you are going to need, if you plan to collect the water from your roof and use it for landscaping around your home, and to water your indoor plants. For instance you will need some 55 gallon drums, but I recommend the plastic drums, and you can get these very cheap, and sometimes free, as companies that get product in these plastic drums often throw them away, and have trouble recycling them. And of course, you will be putting them to good use to collect your rain-gutter rain water.

It’s Not That Hard to Build Your Own DIY Solar Power System

Anyone can build a DIY solar power system. The thing that is usually lacking is not money. It is knowledge. Fortunately there are many fine resources on the internet that teach you how to build a solar power system. Learn how to do it and enjoy free electricity for life.

Lighting Your Home – Tips on How to Save Money Lighting Your Home

Did you know that lighting your home uses around 10% of your home’s total energy bill? Most of us automatically turn on the light switch when we enter into a room.

10 Ways to Conserve Water

With water sources dwindling and others becoming polluted it is now more important than ever to conserve water. While more and more people are becoming aware and doing their part to conserve, we still need to do more to conserve and encourage others to do the same. Below are some ways that we can all do our part to cut down on water use.

Renewable Heat Options – Part 2

In part one I talked about solar power, geothermal and biomass energy as renewable heat options for homes today and in the future. Part two talks about compressed natural gas, nuclear power and wave or tidal power.

Harnessing The Sun’s Rays To Heat Your Pool

The key to a successful solar pool installation is to placing it correctly in your yard so you can take advantage of the sun. Even in areas of the country where it’s cooler – you can also use the sun to cut down on your heating cools and keep your pool at a temperature that makes for comfortable swimming temps.

Green Energy for a Green Christmas

Thanksgiving has ended which marks the official start of the holiday season in the United States. Other countries have also begun their celebration as the Christmas month arrives. Green is the general color of Christmas, not to mention that Christmas trees are made from evergreen coniferous trees. Green is associated with nature, as it often symbolizes the need for more plants and trees amidst the expanding cities and huge amounts of forests being razed to give way to infrastructures.

Air Source and The Renewable Heat Incentive

The UK Government is currently under pressure to meet the 2020 15% renewable energy target, meaning that 15% of all of the UK’s energy must be produced by renewable sources. The UK is lagging behind its European counterparts and is has one of the lowest contributions of renewable heat. Sweden currently produces half of its heat through renewable energy.

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