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Green Living – How to Have an Eco Friendly Home

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard plenty about “going green”. The idea of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle has become extremely popular in recent days. Learn simple ways to live greener at home without spending a fortune.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home

The contribution to the total carbon emissions directly related to our own homes is often underestimated by people and is surprisingly large. With such a large proportion of carbon emissions originating from day to day activities at home, it is worth considering what individual actions can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint.

Ecological Economics – Solar Panels Cheap

When solar panels were first thought of as possible electricity generators and a means of harnessing renewable solar energy for the benefit of mankind in the early 1970s, the cost per watt in the US had worked out to something in the range of $150.00. This had reduced to a figure of $4.50 by the late 1980s, reflecting the huge strides made in technology, especially the photovoltaic cells and semiconductor designs.

Ecologically Sound – Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel systems provide an extremely environmentally friendly means of harnessing the power of the sun and make it work for people in various ways. The method is clean, renewable and with the advances in technology, it can be applied to almost all the activities that currently require power generated from non – renewable sources like coal and oil.

Timber Windows – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Falling For Substitutes

Timber window and door systems have grown into affordable, safe and aesthetic window solutions that suit all kinds of home and commercial designs. The timber window designs and shapes have evolved from classic to contemporary, providing window design solutions that create trendy and sophisticated home designs. Most facades of modern home design demand multiple windows

Green Living – 7 Easy Steps to Slash Your Heating Bills

If you’re not looking for ways to save money this year, you’ve probably been living under a rock and haven’t heard the most recent economic reports. It’s either that or you really believe in the Mayan Calender and you’re living your last years throwing caution to the wind and spending all your savings. Use these simple tips to reduce energy waste and save money on your monthly heating bills.

Global Warming – Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Home

Global warming will be a disaster for all of humanity, unless we all do something about it now, tomorrow will be too little too late. Although we have to leave the larger issues to politicians we can make our own personal contribution to the fight against global warming.

Easy Green Living at Home

Americans account for just 5% of the worlds population yet they use 25% of the world’s resources. That is a very significant number. So here are some easy things you can do, even just to make a little bit of a difference in your life and your wallet.

Sustainable Living

Developing more Sustainable means of living does not necessarily mean sacrificing the comforts that we are accustomed too. As more of us become more conscious of saving energy and preserving our world resources, sustainable design not only has to be well thought of in newly built homes but is very achievable in existing dwellings as well. Sustainable Living is not just about changing light bulbs and putting in a rainwater tanks anymore.

Draft Stoppers Help You With Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon emissions are a direct result of energy used and in our homes, HVAC systems account for the biggest slice. Don’t you hate seeing that utility bill at the end of the month? It just seems to be growing and growing and part of the reason is a lot of leaking air around your home. Consider fitting draft stoppers as soon as you can.

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