The “World’s Highest Density Battery” Is Here!!

3 Tips to Make Green Cleaning Products More Effective

Green cleaning products can be just as powerful as other products that contain high concentrations of various chemicals, but we all can use a few tips on how to make sure we use them to their maximum potential. #1: Clean as often as possible. Not only is much easier to keep your home clean and presentable if you keep up with the cleaning daily, but regular attention will also make your products more effective.

Installing Solar Panels – The Many Benefits

There are many environmental, convenience and financial benefits to installing solar panels in your home. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and does not pollute. Using solar energy requires very little maintenance. Solar energy comes from the sun and therefore is free.

Pros and Cons of Green Cleaning Products

You have a lot of options in the category of green cleaning products today. You can always make your own cleaning products and there are tons of recipes, ideas, and ingredient lists available online.

Simple Green Life – What Makes a Home Green?

You can impact our environment in a huge way just by living a simple green life. What does a simple green life entail? Many people believe it starts with our homes. So what exactly makes a home green?

Tips to Make Your Home More “Green”

Everyone is going green! Builders are now constructing green homes that are more energy efficient. But what if you have an older home that isn’t green, are you doomed? You may be surprised at how green you can make an older home…

Is DIY Alternative Green Energy Really a Viable Alternative For Cheap Electricity in Your Home?

Until recently I would have said getting cheap electricity by going completely off grid would have only been possible for those well healed enough to cover the substantial cost involved in either solar panels or windmill generated power. The average cost for either of these could easily range from $30,000 to $50,000 just to provide enough power for a small home.

Build Your Own Magnetic Energy Motor

An initial consideration when property owners happen to be considering making use of green energy sources could be to purchase a solar power system. Determined by an area of the US an individual dwells determines the extent of a solar panel system the house needs. Your typical structure could be over $20,000. A wind turbine could be the next notion for a property owner. The drawback in regards to a windmill will be wind is always needed to be able to generate electrical power.

Bamboo Furniture As an Earth Friendly Option

In the state of environmental awareness the planet currently finds itself under, many people are curious on what they can do on a personal level to reduce their carbon footprint, particularly when considering new household items and furnishings. And while common woods can be grown and harvested into usable materials in self-sustainable organic farming settings, bamboo is widely considered to be eco-friendly without the high labor effort and excess organic maintenance costs.

Bamboo As a Renewable Resource Material

When considering the trend in recent years to find materials considered less destructive to the environment, bamboo should be near the top of the list for eco-friendly material solutions. It’s many commercial uses include furnishings, flooring, clothing, and paper. From growth rate, de-forestation prevention, oxygen release, timber yield, and overall environmental impact, bamboo has proven itself to be not only a cost effective resource but one you can feel good about using.

Solar Electric System Owners Will Benefit From Assembly Bill AB 920

Currently, solar system owners in San Diego County have an agreement with SDG&E called Net Energy Metering. This agreement allows San Diego solar system owners to use the grid as a storage battery.

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