The “World’s First Ever Solid State Swappable EV Battery” Is Here!!

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With Clothes Airers

While they helped to speed the process of doing laundry they were also helping to add to the problem of global warming. So, what can you do to reduce the impact that you are having on the environment? By using a clothes airer you will make a big difference in the size of your carbon footprint…

How to Reduce Your Home’s Energy Consumption

With the way the economy is today, everyone is looking for any way they can to save money. Here are some tips that will save you some money on your energy costs at home.

Simple Tips to Reduce Your Home Energy Consumption

With the economy the way it is, many people are on the lookout for tips and tricks that can save them money. Heating and cooling is the largest energy related expense for most homes as it accounts for about 56% of the overall energy used by a household.

TV Cabinets – A Multifunctional Organizer You Can’t Live Without

Here’s an all too common situation: you’ve just moved house and all your stuff, that is, all your precious belongings that you’ve collected through the years are scattered all over the place. You simply do not even have the faintest clue where to start. Actually, this is the type of problem encountered by pack rats, college students and generally unorganized people. Rather than trying to tackle everything at once, the best place to start is with your living room; this is, after all where you will come to kick back, turn on your favorite show and relax after a long day trying to clean up the rest of your mess. Starting with your living room basically means organizing all your entertainment devices, your TV, your stereo, DVD player, cable box-essentially everything having to do with your TV and other media. So instead of putting your TV on top of an old fruit crate or some cinderblock you found near the garbage bin, go look at some TV cabinets.

Simple Living With Alternative Green Energy

To find a simple life, sometimes it takes a complicated system to make the big dream a reality. There is a wide selection of alternative green energy systems available today. Each are deemed renewable and can produce electricity. However, they are not all equal in their impact on the environment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Using Alternative Energy

Most people are familiar with the term carbon-footprint even if they haven’t taken the time to become experts on the subject. What you may not realize is that even in our daily lives, both we individually and our homes leave a huge carbon footprint. Many agencies and non profit organizations have given guidance and provided ways that we can reduce our collective carbon footprint. However, the first thing that must happen before people can fix any issue is that they must know about the problem.

How to Conserve Energy – How You Can Save Energy Consumption and Money at the Same Time

Everyone wants to know how to conserve energy these days, especially with the unpredictable trends in energy costs. Finding out how to save energy consumption is on nearly everyone’s mind but what people may not know but should is that instead of learning how to conserve energy, there is a way that they can learn to make their own — using a custom built and inexpensive solar panel. Here is a review of a residential solar power system that me and my family have built ourselves:

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Alternative Energy

In this day and age with global warming and other environmental catastrophes being largely attributed to our bloated carbon footprints there is a growing sentiment that it is high time for something to be done. We cannot afford to wait for the government to take action by enacting emissions laws and requiring electricity to be produced in an environmentally friendly manner, we have to take action and reduce our own personal carbon footprint.

What Exactly is a Carbon FootPrint?

In the most general way to explain it a carbon footprint is the amount of (GHG) Greenhouse Gas that an individual or group of individuals create. It is originally from discussions of ecological footprinting.

Living Green Cleaning Options

Living green represents a commitment to make products that are easily recyclable, contain no toxic elements and do not release a significant amount of pollutants into the air. It’s a way to conserve and save energy and materials and reduce the size of landfills which can be harmful to the environment.

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