The Reality of Graphene | The Long Called Wonder Material

Easy Methods to Reap the Benefits of Permanent Magnet Motors – An Innovative Renewable Power Source

Not many people know you can generate electricity using permanent magnets. Learn how you can build a permanent magnet generator from scratch in your own home.

Build a Magnetic Generator – Here’s Why

Build a magnetic generator for your home, and this amazing machine will reduce your electricity cost by at least 80% or even cut the all together. Sounds too good to be true but the new technology is sweeping the world and 1000’s of people have already built theirs.

What Are Solar Energy Panels Made Of?

Justin Beiber is the sunshine of many young hearts, and when he shines on stage, the crowd energy is electrifying. Unfortunately, we don’t currently know how to capture this type of energy to use it to power our homes and businesses. So for now, we’re looking at solar energy panels, created by converting sunlight’s energy into electricity to run our homes and businesses.

Green New Homes by Builders

Due to the awareness that environmental advocates instill and advertise through media, more and more homeowners are now interested in making their houses eco-friendly. But one of their main concerns is the amount of money that they will spend to renovate and reconstruct not only their homes but also their lifestyle without harming Mother Nature. Don’t worry! New Homes by Builders have the answer.

Today’s Hottest Career Trend is Green

Everybody is talking about green this and green that, eco friendly this and that, cheap electricity here and there and alternative energy for all. Well so are we! Now why would we do that?

Building a Wind Powered Home

Building a wind powered home can be a great way to help yourself break free from the grid and get rid of your electricity bill forever. However in order for you to do this you that there are several things you need to take in account before building a wind powered home.

Can Solar Panels Work When It’s Not Sunny?

Many people often wonder if solar panels work at all when the sun is not shining. While it may seem that the answer would clearly be no, this is not entirely true.

Alternative Renewable Energy – Magnetic Generators – Free Energy?

There are many renewable energy advantages, most well documented elsewhere. I just want to take some time to explain how magnetic generators work. They are really quite a nifty idea, combining natural laws of electromagnetism with our endeavors to save on electricity.

Are There Really D-I-Y Solar Power Systems to Power Your Home?

With a rising demand for solar power systems, more and more people are realizing that the cost to install is exorbitant. Often this ends in reliance upon the status quo. There’s another way to get the benefits of solar power – D-I-Y and install the system. You can make an entire solar energy power generator with easy to follow instructions. Keep reading to learn more.

Green Living in Your Kitchen – 5 Easy and Healthy Ways to Live Green

Everyone has so much to do balancing work, cooking, shopping, kids, errands, fun, and yes sleep. The question is, how can we live green in our kitchens, AND not take any extra time doing this?

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