The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa

Solar and Wind Power eBooks

Solar and Wind power eBooks. How many are there? You may be sitting there, thinking that you want to do your part to help the environment, but its so expensive. So you got the brilliant idea to find an eBook that will teach you how to build a windmill generator, build a solar water heater, or build a solar panel; we all know that building it yourself is usually cheaper.

How to Participate to Keep Our Environment Cleaner

It’s safe to say that most Americans certainly want to help recycle to keep our environment cleaner. However, many just aren’t sure how to start recycling regularly.

Composting to Make a Difference

Each year, food and paper make up 50% of landfill garbage despite being able to decompose naturally. Composting reduces the waste output of food and helps decrease the amount of landfill waste.

Solar Home Heating Systems For the Handyman

The benefits of using the suns energy for a solar home heating system are twofold, as well as reducing the demand on fossil fuels, you get to enjoy free energy from the sun, actually saving you great deal of money over the long term. You can save even more by doing the majority of the work yourself.

Rise of Eco-Friendly Office Partitions Point to Trend of Green Workspace Solutions

With markets across the globe favoring green solutions, eco-friendly furnishing items are gaining increased popularity. Select makers of office partitions now opt for recyclable materials and boast of no-waste production process.

Green Eco Products – Can You Create a Business?

he saying goes, “There is huge opportunity solving huge problems.” There is a huge problem in our country concerning waste, recycling and sustainability. I have to admit; growing up I had no idea what these words really meant.

Solar Panels Choice For Your Home

If you are looking to buy or renovate a new house in which you considering new items that could make your house looks even more better than all others so then use of Solar Panels into Home or commercial basis can really make big difference in terms of worthy investments along it increases the real value of your property with money also. The concept of Solar Panels and the relevant industry grew immensely in recent past few years where its been highly competent in prices and stability in comparison to other power energy sources.

Facts About Solar Power Costs

There are 2 main factors that govern solar power cost and these are quiet simply, the production cost of the solar panels and the installation cost of the solar system in your home. Solar panels may well be green, eco-friendly and help to save the planet but unless they can compete in the energy market place then they will never be widely used. A new coal-burning plant can deliver electricity at $2 per watt and so this is the benchmark figure that the solar scientists are trying to match.

Different Ways of Recycling

Most Americans today have good intentions when it comes to recycling. Many of us want to help keep our environment clean and safe, but there’s a common misconception that recycling is difficult, expensive, and takes valuable time out of the day. Actually, these ideas are all untrue.

Types of Renewable Energy For DIY Projects

We should all be searching for practical types of renewable energy because the burning of fossil fuels, to generate commercial electricity has a major problem, the whole process is being held globally responsible for the huge environmental damage it is causing, particularly in the emerging economies. The commercial generating process of burning carbon based fuels in exchange for electricity creates, not only waste and potentially damaging gases, but also solid waste that in itself means added problems of disposal. This is particularly true in the case of nuclear power stations, which while a relatively clean and efficient method of generating electricity, it leaves behind enormous amounts of spent fuel rods, the storage of which has global implications.

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