The Most Simple Off Grid Power Setup: Off Grid Log Cabin

Solar Thermal Energy

If you sigh at the thought of the coming winter months – and also the thought of huge heating bills – then maybe it is time to tread on a road which is less traveled. Even though there has been a huge buzz on the use of solar thermal energy, not many people have actually opted to switch to this type of renewable energy. You can either call yourself someone who doesn’t follow the trends, or someone who wants to do his bit for the environment.

Get Your Local Tradesmen to Build You a Green House

Not so long ago the idea of building a green house was restricted to a certain group of people. Not only were the material and ideas hard to come by, but only specialist tradesmen could consider making an environmentally friendly home.

Ways of Creating Awareness Through Solar Energy Information

Solar energy information gives us a lot of knowledge about how solar harness the free energy. The story dates back to thousands of years when the primitive man used solar power in its passive form to dry food, clothing and to warm dwellings for millions of years.

Cutting Lighting Costs at Home – It’s Just Common Sense

When it comes to saving energy and money, it’s surprising how often people miss the simplest of opportunities, especially at home. Are you the type of person that leaves the light on in every room in the house?

Go Green With Solar Panel Use

Solar Panels are quickly gaining in popularity as more homes and businesses seek some amount of energy independence and relief. The use of solar power has both advantages and limitations. A growing number of people are beginning to build their own solar panels, which requires some technical instruction but is much cheaper than having it done professionally.

Organic Carpet Cleaning Vs Non-Organic Cleaners

Are using organic carpet cleaners really effective? Absolutely. Before we discuss the benefits of using organic carpet cleaning, let’s discuss the disadvantages of using non-organic carpet cleaners first.

Green Energy – Solar Power

While most of us have heard of solar power, the general consensus is that it would be great, but it costs too much. I know this is how I felt about it. When solar energy panels first came out this was true. Today the technology has had time to advance and many solar energy products can be set up at a more reasonable cost.

Green Energy Solutions

Think for a minute the disruption, inconvenience and the discomfort of a power outage, energy is almost as important to us as the air we breathe. As we have seen in the past a major power outage can bring a city to a standstill.

How to Recycle Just About Anything

Do you have a house or garage full of items that you have no idea how to get rid of? How about your place of business, is it weighed down by clutter? In most cases junk and clutter start taking over because we don’t know the best way to get rid of this stuff. This article will clear up the confusion, and help you get your space back.

Uses For Harvested Rainwater

If you are concerned about your health and the safety of your family, it is important to know about the water you drink. There is growing interest in rainwater harvesting for domestic use inside and out of a home or business. Learn how you can use rainwater safely, effectively and economically by reading this article by a published expert in the field of water treatment.

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