The Future of Artificial Intelligence

7 Real Truths About Free Energy

All the major energy producing companies of the world want to keep this information to themselves. Their main objection to this information becoming mainstream is that their profits could greatly diminish if more people produced their own electrical power from free energy sources… But have a look at it this way, since just before the turn of the nineteenth century inventors and scientists began to uncover ways to produce and utilize power from free energy. You may know some of these people like Nicola Tesla, Edwin V. Gray, Bruce DePalma, John Hutchison just to name a few.

Six Good Reasons For Composting With A Compost Tumbler

Composting is simply the act of harnessing Mother’s Nature’s own method of recycling! All organic material, be it dead plant or animal matter, rots or decomposes over time and it creates nitrogen rich fertilizer to promote new growth. It really is that simple. All that you need is somewhere to dump your organic waste and leave it to rot. For many people, this is simply a compost heap in the corner of the garden, but for others this is not a practical solution. The answer is a compost tumbler. Here are six good reasons to use a tumbling composter.

Your Carbon Footprint and How to Calculate It

Reducing your carbon footprint has become such a commonly-used phrase that it has almost become a cliche. Most people have heard the term “carbon footprint” but far fewer know how to determine it.

How Pesticides Cause Water Pollution

Sea water on earth is the ultimate reservoir of all the pollutants reaching it through the natural route of storm drains, streams, rivulets and rivers. Almost 95% of pesticides manufactured and used find their way into the water bodies directly or via aerial and land route. It harms almost all the flora and fauna.10 out of 12 most persistent and dangerous chemicals are pesticides. Toxic pesticides can be easily replaced by applying alternative methods and using benign green pesticides.

Green Living for Renters – 5 Ideas For Renters To Live a Green Lifestyle

Perhaps you think that green living does not apply to you as a renter. I don’t agree.

Green Living Actions That Save Money – 3 Green Living Tips That Will Save You Money This Same Month

Do you believe that living greener costs too much, and that is the main reason you are held back from adopting a greener lifestyle? In fact, at my home we try to focus on green lifestyle actions we can take that will actually save us money as we make our lives more sustainable. You can as well. There are some actions you can take now that will starting saving money immediately. Here are three simple steps anyone can take, and the results will show up in lower utility bills by next month.

The Role of Malaysian Cement Industry in Green Environment Initiatives

Cement industry has been in limelight for being one of the main contributors to environmental problem. It is well known that the production of cement will release a very significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into environment.

Water Conservation Woes – Warning Signs That Your House Might Be a Water Hog

Water conservation is a must with U.S. daily water use at about 37 billion gallons. It is not enough to say you must share the burden in saving water. You must understand how to do it, and you must be able to identify water waste in your own home.

Doing Our Bit Everyday to Fight Global Warming at Home

Global warming, quite simply is when the earth heats up and the temperature rises. It happens when greenhouse gases trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which in turn increases the temperature. Global warming causes the sea level to rise, and if we do not take any action now, soon the water will cover the earth’s plants, and consequently, animals and humans will lose their sources of food.

DIY Solar Power And Tips On How To Implement It

A brief look at DIY solar power and how you can implement it for your home. Mistakes most people make when they undertake a DIY solar panel installation and how to avoid them.

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