The five basic functions of the Harbor Freight’s Centech 5-in-1 Portable Power Pack for off-grid use

LEED Points And Your Green Roof

If you are considering a green roof for your home or building, you should also think about going for LEED certification, which can make property owners eligible for tax incentives and a range of other benefits. This article goes over the requirements and benefits of getting your green roof LEED certified.

Rain Barrel Water Safety Considerations

Once it touched down our roofs, some bird droppings can be collected and down it goes to our houses downspouts and into our rain barrel. That premise alone is enough for the household from restricting themselves from using rain barrel water as substitute to drinking water.

Learn How to Create Alternative Energy at Home

Going green is on everybody’s mind these days, and more people are looking for ways to create alternative energy sources. Solar panels of all sizes are hot items in stores, as are wind turbine kits. The problem is, alternative energy kits can be costly to buy, especially when you want to generate enough energy to supply an entire home.

Single Stream Recycling: Making It Easier to Be Green

If it hasn’t already arrived, single stream recycling will be coming to a curb-side near you. The rate of residential materials being recycled has stagnated since curbside recycling began in full force in the 1990’s. This is not to say that your town’s recycling program may not be doing well. It just means that we can all be doing better.

Solar Panel Cost Equals Your Energy Savings

As economies experience sudden drawbacks and prices of commodities are soaring high, solar panel cost is an advantageous long- term investment. Fluctuation of the economy means fluctuation to the cost of living; and while you can still grab a cup of coffee, smart investment is a prime strategy in preparation for the future.

Electricity Through Magnets – Yes It Is Possible!

As the cost of energy is rising daily, what can we do about it? People are having to think of energy efficient alternatives and how we can use them. Alternatives that are both green and can save money.

How To Create A Solar Panel

The present economic scenario and the ever-shrinking state of the global oil reserves is not good news for everyone. But on a positive note it makes us investigate for alternative energy sources that is become the solution of cutting down present and the future energy consumption, particularly in terms of fossil fuel usage like oil. For example, it has become more and more economical to build home made solar energy system.

Build Your Own Solar Panel – Over The Weekend

Although solar panels on the market have become quite sophisticated it is still as fun and rewarding as ever to build your own solar panel. In fact, the advance in technology this industry has experienced can be used to your benefit since parts of the panel that may have needed to be made in the past can now be purchased.

Going Green – Why Going Green Isn’t Really That Hard

Thought going green is a new government conspiracy to boost capitalism? Maybe you think it is only for people that live on or nearby farms? Or are you convinced that only hippies bide their time with going green? Well you are in for a surprise! Anyone can go green. Even if you live at the top of a high rise building in downtown NYC.

Three Reasons To Choose Magniworks Guide To Building Your Own Home Use Generators

The Magniworks guide to building your own magnetic home use generators is in depth, step by step instruction detailing from the beginning to the end. In fact, it is so in depth, some critics has had labelled it as technical, but it is full of details. This will be a scientific home use generator project, and you’d definitely need the step by step instructions to keep you right on track.

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