The Case for the Million Mile Battery Might Have Changed

Home Solar Power Systems – Is it Right For You?

So, you’re wondering if you should install a home solar power system? For various reasons, many are turning more and more to the sun in order to power the home. You should take your time as you make your decision to install your own solar power system. For instance, will it give you the power you need? Keep reading to help make the right decision.

Green Cleaning Products – Chemicals to Get Away From

Why are green cleaning products so important? Many people are starting to rethink their position on the environment these days, but what if you aren’t very motivated to change your cleaning supplies just because of the environment? When we set the impact of using non-sustainable ingredients out of the question, is there any good reason to use cleaning products that are green?

Green Products

Recently climate change and pollution have become polarizing words and though experts may disagree about whether or not the ice caps are melting most people can tell that something is happening to the world. Really, when is the last time New York could boast a 70-degree day in January? Shorter milder winters and drastic weather around the world lends credence to the global warming theory.

Hydro Flask Benefits and Care

Who would have thought that anyone could improve upon the basic water bottle? Walk into any retail or specialty store and you will find tons of bottles waiting to be purchased.

What is a Hydro Flask?

The old saying that necessity is the mother of invention rings as true today as it did when Plato first uttered it. The hydro flask is one of the latest inventions of this type to become available. Avid hikers Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse were tired of the never-ending search for the perfect water bottle.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Green Energy Sources

These days, we’re now conscious of the issues of global warming. Fortunately, it’s not in its final stages and we can even now change, which is the reason many are constantly pushing for green energy sources.

Green Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

Whether by accident or design, DIYers tend to be some of the greenest people out there. They like to take cheap, ordinary ingredients and turn them into something worth a lot of money and rather unordinary.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

If you want to clean your entire home with green cleaning products, you have two basic choices; you can make your own from natural substances or purchase already made products. The choice is ultimately yours to make, each has its pros and cons, but the important thing for the planet is that everyone do a little more to use natural and safe products.

Green Product For the Home Or Garden

When you are talking about going green there are literally thousands of products on the market to help you out. The question you must ask yourself first is just how green do you want to go and how fast? Many people are finding the easiest answer is to work at the process incrementally.

Tips For Selecting Green Cleaning Products

If you have decided to switch to green cleaning products, how do you go about selecting the right one for you? Even if you haven’t decided all the way and are just doing your research to continue a switch, you may have this question in your head as well. Use the following quick tips to help you sort through the marketplace.

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