Tesla wanted him to pay $22500 to replace a battery pack, we did it for 75% less!

Green Tips – Great Tips For a Green Family

The Green change begins at the daily routine of each and every one of us – at home, at work, at school. To take advantage of environmentally friendly lifestyle, we have to perform acts of green all day, every day, 24 / 7. It’s not that difficult. In fact, it is very easy. And it is in our hands.

Energy Saving Thermostat Offers Big Savings For Home Owners

With today’s higher electric bills and energy costs, who wouldn’t want to help save energy while reducing their electric bills? Energy saving thermostats can now accomplish these goals for a property owner.

Recycle at Home – 5 Ways to Reduce Your Footprint

Do you want to recycle but don’t know which items should be recycled? Read this article for some helpful tips.

Green Cleaning – The Benefits of Environmentally-Friendly Products

Cleaning products are an essential part of a well-kept home. But did you know that some cleaning products are harmful for not only your health but also the environment? Read up on why some cleaning products are hazardous and what you can do to make sure you’re using the right products.

Ecostyle – Summer Feeling in Your House

How to create a cozy atmosphere in your house? This article will answer this question.

Solar Panels For the Home – Myth Crusher

In this article I want to talk about a myth that goes around about solar panels for the home and particularly building them on you own. There are more and more companies everyday popping up that offer solar products.

So Just What is Green Living, Anyway?

We’ve heard it used to death on the television, on radio, and in the newspapers and other media. Everywhere we hear about living green, or green companies or processes. Confused? You have a right to be! Read on and find out what the whole “green” thing is all about.

Furnishing Your Patio, Pergola Or Veranda on a Budget

Furnishing a patio, pergola or veranda is a license to have fun, and lots of it. If you’ve ever had an urge to get some truly beautiful furniture, and have been looking for a good excuse, you’ve found it. This is also an opportunity to pick up some real bargains, cheap. You can furnish a patio on spare change, if you know how. Your home patio, veranda or pergola can be a great excuse to indulge your tastes, too.

The Plastic Bag

Americans overwhelmingly choose plastic. Per year they use around 90 million plastic versus 5 billion paper bags.

Eight of the Best “Green” Landscaping Ideas That Will Save You Money and Add Value to Your Home

Your home’s landscaping can be very affordable, reduce your carbon footprint, and still be beautiful. Now you can have it all once you learn and use these eight effective money-saving techniques.

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