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Solar Electricity System: A Definition of Types

There are three basic types of solar electricity systems. They include but are not limited to the following: grid-inter-tied, off-grid, and grid-inter-tied with battery backup. Each has discrete functions and module requirements and each functions to help improve in-efficiencies in energy supply and demand.

Green Tips: Environmentally Friendly Household Cleaning

One major cause of indoor pollution is the unnecessary use of home decorating and air cleaning products. Volatile organic compounds also known as (VOCs) disperse from a lot of these products, causing the level of pollutants in indoor air to be more than 100 times higher than outdoors. You can reduce the level of pollutants in your house by taking into consideration the following suggestions.

Home Solar Energy Panels

  There are all kinds of different solar panels. There are commercial solar energy panels, to the solar panels in your calculator. There are solar panels for satellites; there are home solar panels.

Green Home Projects You Can Do When Building New Home

Have you thought about creating FREE energy using a magnetic energy generator? There are plenty of green projects you can do when building a new home to help use water, energy, and natural resources in a new and efficient environmentally friendly way. Have you considered substituting cement for fly ash?

The Best Four Ways To Green Up Your Home Today

Do you want to reduce energy and water usage at home right away and make some great green choices? There are a number of small projects you can do at home in just a day or two that can make your home more environmentally friendly.

Alternative Energy Resources Are Just A Step Away

When you think about alternative energy resources your first thought might be solar power or wind power or gasoline made from corn or soy beans. But really, the possibilities for creating alternative energy are almost limitless and new discoveries are being made every day.

Green Basement Finishing Solution

It’s a green revolution out there and everyone can be a player, how are you going green this fall? With some home improvement projects you can be certain to find environmentally friendly options. Take basement finishing for example– who knew going green could be so fun!? Learn how insulation is a great way to go green.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Here in the United States on a day with full sun, about 100 watts of solar power falls on each square-foot of land. While it’s true that you cannot harvest all of it, there are a large number of benefits in gathering what you can. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power.

Generating Renewable Energy Using Solar Power

Renewable energy means to use a renewable energy source – such as corn or soy or algae – to create power. We can turn algae into a bio – fuel which, when burned, will create energy to generate power.

Recycling The Rain!

Mark Lutz had been wondering about the market for rain barrels and had actually made and installed one in his girl friend’s back yard a couple of years earlier. His idea was to recycle old plastic and wooden barrels, and to convert them for rain gathering.

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