Tesla Brings 4680 Battery Production Equipment To Giga Texas 3rd Floor

Home Improvement – Top Ways to Make Green Living a Reality

It is perfectly natural to ask yourself the question why you should go green. The answer is that there are plenty of advantages for the environment as well as for you, your family and your home. The main benefit for you is that by saving energy, you will save money as well.

Up the Roof: Why It’s Cool to Be Green

Cool roofs help residential, commercial and industrial facilities achieve energy efficiency. How does cool roof make a property green? What are the coatings technologies that make cool roofs work?

Solar Energy Facts – Make Your Own Panels and Save Money

When you learn solar energy facts, one big surprise is that if you want to do it yourself, you can make your own solar panels. It’s not that expensive, you learn a lot from doing it, and you’ll be creating an extra source of power for your house.

Wind Generator Technology and Cost Effective Ways to Build Your Own

Wind generators from years ago were too expensive as well as impractical for residential use, so nobody gave them much notice, but vast improvements in the engineering of wind generators in the last few years have not only made these systems very practical in residential neighborhoods but very affordable as well. Even the federal government has jumped on the bandwagon offering grants, rebates and low interest loans that make these systems even more attractive to the average homeowner.

Home Power Solar Systems Warning

Warning! You are about to be avalanched by a rising worldwide cost of electricity. As the greenhouse effects on climate are more accepted countries of the world they are slowly but surely turning to alternative energies. There are pitfalls to avoid in installations and usage read on for more.

Greenhouse Kits: Convenient, Affordable and a Healthy Choice

The average family spends thousands of dollars at the grocery store each year on produce. Most of the fresh food items your family will eat are often grown in locations all over the world and that produce isn’t as fresh as it could be. In fact, studies have shown that vegetables purchased at the grocery store lose as much as half of their nutritional value during transit. Much of that produce will ripen at varying rates and what you can’t eat ends up in the garbage. Often times you are not able to find special varieties in your grocer’s produce section.

Sustainable Living and Green Construction

To some people the words sustainable, permaculture, Green building, renewable energy, eco transportation, bio-diversity and organic foods immediately conjure up visions of sugar plumbs with warts, tree huggers and maybe the one real threat to the ecology that seems acceptable – global warming. To others sustainability, green building, eco-friendly are all pertinent to the manner in which they feed, clothe and provide themselves with creature comforts to which they have grown accustomed without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

10 Great Reasons to Install Cork Flooring

Cork flooring rocks! When it’s time to get new flooring installed don’t forget to put cork flooring high on your list of alternatives. This stuff is great. It comes in a huge range of colors and styles to fit any decor and it works beautifully in any room.

Know Your Molds

Molds are technically varieties of fungus that grown in large, complex colonies called “hyphae”. Mildew and black mold spots found in buildings and in nature are colonies of a large number of individual organisms. Mold releases spores into the air to reproduce. These spores land on surfaces, frequently very long distances away, and, if the conditions are right, begin the process of growing new colonies. Mold and mildew colonies are very common, and because spores can travel enormous distances easily, the result is the potential for mold and mildew outbreaks practically anywhere.

Solar Power and Green Energy

Advantages of solar power and green energy viewed by the going green review perspective which are to meet the growing demands for efficient power generation while protecting the air we breathe as a global concern. At the same time keeping in mind home energy efficiency as a growing concern as well. The advantages of going green for energy are clear.

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