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Water Management In The Kitchen

I think water is our most precious and endangered natural resource. As you can imagine then, water management is a vital undertaking for each and every person — especially in Western Society. Water conservation helps reduce the impact of water pollution and the depletion to our water systems, and is something you can easily do anywhere you go. Water management only takes a little bit of planning and thinking to reduce your water use and become waterwise.

Environmentally Friendly Choices For New Homes

Having a new home designed and built can be a good experience. Sometimes the purchaser will buy a plan in a new survey and will not wish to make any structural changes or adaptations to the original design.

Techniques for Going Green at Home

Saving energy at home, using resources efficiently and making use of green alternatives for material for building houses is a great way to start going green. In addition, you can mind a few simple steps such as using green electronics and using waste biomass for useful purposes. It’s not that hard to start going green today.

Eco Friendly Ideas for the Bathroom

Eco-friendly bathroom appliances may be becoming popular as people grow more conscious of the environment. Designer toilets with dual flush functions and showers that reduce water usage are among the features available to those who wish to minimise their impact when designing new bathroom suites. However, some experts have argued more needs to be done to make people aware of the steps they can take to protect the environment. Commenting on the government’s Green Deal, they have suggested homeowners should be incentivised to engage.

Eco Friendly Home Improvements That Count

If we’re to believe all the Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement Ads, then apparently summer is the time for maniac DIY projects plus the slumbering weekend warriors with their hammers and nails have awoken from a long winter’s nap. Although some could tackle some seriously ambitious projects like a brand new deck (i.e.- my neighbors), there are some of us in search of simpler projects to update the house and make it a far more eco-friendly one.

Aquaponics Is Fun To Say, But What Is It?

You’ve seen the buzz words all over the web; aquaponics and aquaponic gardening. Even aquaculture. But, what do they mean? This article is going to attempt to explain aquaponics in easy-to-understand terms. Because, if you’ve done any searching on the subject, all you seem to get is a bunch of big words that only leave you reaching for the dictionary and still wondering what the heck aquaponic gardening is.

Eight Great Water Conservation Ideas

One state that has experienced its fair share of H2O shortages is California. After every California H2O crisis, there is always a rush to correct the problems that lead to that H2O shortage. However, if everyone tried their best to conserve H2O on a daily basis, perhaps the impact of the next California drought could be minimized. Here are eight H2O saving tips you can use to help solve this problem.

Natural Looking Cedar Ball Topiary Double for Indoors And Outdoors

Since these are artificial plants made of silk, the common notion is they can and should only be put inside our houses or offices. But since there had been great demands for artificial topiaries, today’s production of artificial plants have been improved. They are now made with materials that contain UV or ultra violet inhibitors that can withstand different weather conditions.

Today’s Modern Shed!

Today, one of the most popular trends in society is ‘going green.’ This articles discusses the many uses for a modern shed, including ‘green living’.

Cost of Home Solar Energy Systems – Do You Get The Investment Back?

Although the energy itself is called free energy, because you basically collect power from the sun, the system itself does come at a cost. For some of the people, the cost is high. How much is the cost of home solar energy systems?

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