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Why Should We Control Our Own Electricity Usage?

Often times, we cannot see the negative effects of our actions. The reason is that we do not have time for it sometimes. All we seek is a better way to live our life. This is like what is happening with our electricity usage these days. We almost neglect the fact that using it improperly gives rise to some environmental concerns and we are the ones receiving these drawbacks.

How To Green Clean Your Home

t is not necessary to spend a small fortune on photovoltaic panels or grow 90% of your own food to be green. Make simple changes to the chemicals you use when cleaning your home and recycle excess waste whenever possible. It may seem like a futile exercise but if everyone complies and becomes more green in just one way, a greater difference than you could ever imagine could occur.

Building Trends That Will Once Again Change

Every era seems to have a home or line of homes that identify those specific times and what was needed at that time. Also across the country, there are vast differences in housing trends that reflect the area, the climate or the people who live there. But, we are going to see some universal changes in the next few years and it’s going to change everything even down to the fireplace.

Does Living On a Golf Course Count as Living Green – It Might, Let Me Explain What I Mean

Living on a country club is quite interesting, and anyone who has ever lived on a golf course knows what I’m saying when I tell them I live in the Green Zone. Still, the question is; if I live on a golf course am I really living green, after all it takes a lot of water to keep everything green, and that might not necessarily be environmentally friendly to hog that much water. However there are ways to limit the amount of water used on the outside shrubbery of a home.

Renewable Energy Systems And Their Components

Make no mistake about it; solar panels are the key to harvesting the sun’s energy. Then what happens, how does it run our household appliances? To answer that in very simple terms, a complete home energy system.

Composting With Redworms

Worm composting is grabbing attention of many people today. Carried out in the similar fashion as traditional composting, vermicomposting or worm composting makes use of redworms instead of micro organisms. It is best suited for those with closed spaces, wherein traditional composting becomes difficult.

Aquaphonic Systems – The New Revolution in Agriculture and Cultivation

Aquaponics is a system that is primarily defined as one that shows or exhibits a combination of traditional form of agriculture and hydroponics. This combination is known as aquaponic systems and sees fish, crayfish and even prawns raised in tanks, the effluent of which then is used to fertilize plants being raised in the near vicinity. Typically one would require a filter in place to filter the water to keep it toxicity low and the fish happy.

Household Recycling

Although climate change is still an ongoing debate, the fact is that the Earth is getting dirtier. The air is dirtier, the water is dirtier, the land is dirtier. Whether or not this pollution causes the Earth to grow hotter is a moot point.

Greener Living

My name is Kit. I’m an environmentalist. I also care about health and social justice.

Free Energy – Fire Your Electric Company

With the economy in turmoil and the cost of fuel rising it makes perfect sense to consider alternative energy sources. It also makes perfect sense to become self sufficient. You can build a magnet motor generator for about one hundred dollars. And if your electric needs are greater than the average home or business you can build two or more of these magnet motor generators and easily tie them into your existing electric system.

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