Storm coming – A Quick and Easy off-grid Power Back-up System

Solar Panel Installation, DIY Tips to Reduce Your Cost

Owning Solar panels is one of the best ways to save cash on your energy bills and to help save our planet. I am sure that you have noticed the sharp increase in energy prices. That’s why; we must consider alternative sources of energy to reduce our cost and slow down the destruction of our environment. Most homeowners will tell you that the cost of installing solar panels has reduced their interest.

Wind Power Generators – The Brutal Facts You Must Know

Wind power generators have been around since the dawn of time. This is nothing new, no new space age technology here. Whilst in saying that, we have come up with new designs that achieve greater efficiency than that of the past.

How Hard and How Much It Costs to Build a Magnetic Energy Generator

The idea of making your own electricity and not paying the electricity companies another dime. This thought is on many minds today and it appeals to everybody. Although many people would rather buy one right off, the only way to obtain one is to build it yourself.

Solar Cell Homes – The Homes of the Future Here Right Now

A solar cell home is the dream of many wanting to have a solar home which is green and self efficient. With technology advancing so rapidly soon these homes will be the homes of the future. Homes that are run entirely on there own via the sun. It is now the next new trend for houses.

Simple Green Ideas, Part 2

This is the second in a series of articles about using simple green ideas. It would be great if we could all go out and buy all of the green solutions but they cost more than most of us can afford. Most of us need simple green ideas that we can implement on almost any income level.

Homemade Electricity – What the Power Companies Don’t Want You to Know

The joys of homemade electricity, this is not a new thing it has been around for along time, only in this decade is it becoming a way of life and socially acceptable. The farmers have used wind power to power their windmill’s to bore the water from the ground. So the wheels of change are turning again, back to the old methods reinvented and modified.

Solar Power Cost Is Cheaper Than You Think

Because electricity contributes to a great amount of pollution. The solar power cost is what you want to learn more about and why it is most important. In order for you to make such a decision as to switch from electricity to solar, there are a few significant solar energy advantages you should be knowledgeable about.

Cheapest Electricity – Facts You May Not Know

Creating your own power? Why not? Certainly the cheapest electricity is homemade electricity however there be facts you may not know. We all know about solar, wind and water as energy sources. Did you know there was a fourth source?

Learn How To Make Free Electricity

Imagine having fully working electricity even during a complete power outage, while all your neighbors are in the dark. Electrical outages can be a thing of the past in your home. Best of all you’ll never have to pay the electric company again.

Help the World, Save Trees, Use eBooks

Have you known eBooks? If you have been around the internet for some time then you have probably seen and read an eBook. Other than convenience, it can also help in maintaining the air we breathe.

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