Stopping Dark Fleets, Illegal Fishing From Harming Ecosystems

Generate Energy At Home Using An Easy To Build Device

With the rising cost of energy its time to look for alternatives. While wind and solar are the top two as far as green energy, the magnet powered generator should receive consideration. With a lower initial investment and low overhead as far as maintenance and space, the magnet motor is probably the best alternative energy generator available.

Household Water Saving Tips

For most people, the idea of running out of water seems like a completely foreign concept. Unfortunately, in the United States alone, water demand has almost tripled since the early 1950’s. While a great deal of an individual country’s water usage is based on dietary preferences and cultural norms towards water usage, there are still a number of things that individuals can do on a daily basis to safeguard future water supplies.

Eight Ways to Improve Your Water Awareness

Water awareness is extremely important to the survival of many communities in the United States. This is certainly the case in many California water districts. Droughts in these areas can be detrimental to the environment and can even be deadly.

Invest In Wind Mill Systems Just Like A Bond?

What is the point? With this being such a new market and prices being so high, for any of us to buy wind turbine devices seems like utter folly. Why be the first one to buy anything?

Is Off Grid Living Truly Achievable?

Mention off grid living to most people and they immediately think that it is some altruistic approach by which they would have to give up modern day amenities and luxuries. Nothing is further from the truth. It is perfectly possible to live off grid and still have have all your electronic gadgets and modern day amenities. One simply has to be smarter in their use and learn to conserve power wherever possible.

Solar Roof Shingles: Easy on the Eyes As Well As the Pocketbook

Although there are many advantages to solar energy for homes, there are also some disadvantages. The two greatest obstacles for those interested in residential solar energy systems are the cost of installation and the appearance of rooftop panels. For those consumers, solar roof shingles may very well be the perfect solar choice.

Top Four Benefits of Recycled Water

When most people consider recycling, they commonly consider processed natural resources such as paper, metals, and glass. However, population increases have placed an increased burden on water supplies in the face of rising industrial and agricultural applications. While reclaiming drinkable water is an extremely expensive and lengthy process, preparing waste water for use as a non-potable source of water requires minor treatment and processing.

Water Recyling and Conservation Help Meet Water Demand

People use a lot of water.  The typical person in the United States uses 150 gallons of water daily, equating to over 37 billion gallons annually for the entire country.  Because of the high and growing demand for fresh water, municipal water districts are looking for ways to conserve and recycle water to meet this demand.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Matting

Why is it important to be eco-friendly? Every year billions of items that cannot disintegrate are thrown away each year, these items just sit there forever. Sure there is way to decrease their size, but we’ve already been doing this for hundreds of years. Thousands of animals are also harmed each year from our lack of concern of their homes.

Eight Ways To Go Green

There are so many ways to go green that it is impossible to list them in one article. This article will share eight ways that you can begin to use now to save money and go green at the same time.

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