Step-by-Step Walk-Through Connecting a Standard Solar Panel to a Solar Charge Controller

3 Ways to Live Off the Grid – Green Energy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live off the grid? Living a green life shouldn’t be expensive or a hard thing to get started. But with much of the information blocked by Big Media and Big business it may seem a little confusing on the best source to get your info.

How To Make Solar Panels: What You Need Know To Do-It Yourself

Are you looking to learn about how to make solar panels but feel that this kind of task is just too overwhelming to do? For some people, it can seem overwhelming. While the technology is new, people shouldn’t be too fazed by this task. Learning how to make solar panels isn’t that hard. In fact, there’s no reason to get a degree to build solar panels.

Renewable Energy – Learn How to Live Off the Grid

If you have always dreamt about living off the grid, then you about one of the many, many Americans who have this great dream. With soaring prices on oil, electricity, and almost every other commodity, this number grows every day. There are many options available to start generating free electricity for your house.

Advantages Of Wind Power – Why You Should Make The Switch

Have you ever thought about the advantages of wind power as compared to fossil fuel energy? Do you dread those huge power bills you get during both the winter and summer months? Are you looking to make the switch to wind power? It’s time to learn all the advantages wind power can have on your life and the world.

Water Harvesting

Should you be water harvesting? Why collect your roof runoff to irrigate your lawn, wash cars, etc. How much could you save? Saving our water supply.

How Rainwater Harvesting Can Save You Money

Modern living is expensive, but home and business owners can cut costs by installing a rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater is a cheap alternative to buying water from a water supplier, and this article explains why you should consider this.

6 Tips on How to Get The Cheapest Gas And Electric And Save Money Now!

You already know that the economy is in the worst state that it has been in decades, in addition to this gas prices are on a steady rise all over the country and I’m sure you haven’t seen to many breaks in your electric bill either. There are however some great and simple ways to get the cheapest gas and electric bills that you possibly can. Follow these simple tips and you will be saving money and doing your part to help our planet in no time at all!

Keep Your Green Resolutions With Eco-Friendly Products For Your Home

There is certainly a growing interest in going green in our homes. The green construction market is estimated to be $12 billion to $17 billion this year! The poor housing market is requiring builders and rehabbers to rethink their strategies, and there are many incentives (both federal and state) to make these homes more earth friendly and sustainable.

Taking a Look at Homemade Electricity

In today’s world, what would we do without electricity? What would power our computers, laptops, stereos, TV’s, heating and cooling systems, stoves and refrigerators? We all use this energy source every single day of our lives, and pay dearly for it, yet we never even consider the possibility of making our own homemade electricity.

Problems With A Gas Mileage Calculator? Solve The Issues And Save Money Now!

You don’t need to watch the news to figure out that gas prices are rising all over the country, with the economy the worst that it has been in decades you don’t need anyone to tell you that saving money is a wise thing to do. Using a gas mileage calculator can help you to determine your average gas mileage and help you to see how much money you are spending on gas.

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