Startup Creates Satellites to Monitor Global Greenhouse Gases Released

Green Living and A Healthy Home

What do you think about when you hear the words “green living” and “creating a healthy house”? As an interior decorator/designer and former Respiratory Therapist, I think of ways to improve air quality, both indoors and out, as well as promoting energy efficiency.

You’ve Got to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Greenhouse gases, Global Warming, Inflation and holes in the ozone are problems that are increasingly plaguing are planet. Everyone, in all walks of life and economic and social position should reduce, reuse and recycle to do their part in improving the financial and environmental stability of our planet. Education is the first step, so learn as much as you can. As we make a global effort, all working together, will we have the greatest impact in producing a healthy environment, for ourselves and future generations. Together we CAN do it, one step at a time.

Combi Boiler Vs. Central Heat and Tank Setup

Unless you live in the tropics, the costs-both financial and environmental-of heating your home can be staggering. As energy costs continue to climb, many people are looking for ways to cut down on expenses. Reducing the energy you use in your home is a great way to save yourself money and help the environment.

Green Initiatives For Home Improvement and Home Construction

With the rising call for eco-friendly initiatives, more and more homeowners today are getting conscious of the demands of their houses’ appliances, heating and cooling system, energy consumption, carbon footprint, etc. Thus, they search for more eco-friendly alternatives that can help for sustainable living. In this entry, we will look at some of the most popular green initiatives and home-efficiency tips that can suit to almost any budget, whether it’s for home construction plan or renovation plan.

Fair Flowers and Fair Plants

What is it? It’s said that when you buy flowers, you buy emotion. Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily buy quality or ethically produced plants or flowers.

How You Can Save on Your Electric Bill With Your Own Solar Power System

You can save up to $5000 on your heating and electric bills by using solar power. This article will explain different ways to accomplish supplying your home with alternate power.

A Guide to How Solar Panels Work

A person who is interested in installing solar panels in his or her home will naturally wonder, just how do they work? The answer to this question is quite fascinating and can not only give on the incentive to switch over to solar power but also help one to make a well informed decision regarding what type of panels to buy.

The Costs of Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy may be surfacing in the mainstream homeowner’s consciousness – but is it within reach of the current mainstream budget? Most people assume that solar is too costly, whether for their home or their business, and up until recently, this perception was well founded. But in recent years, the cost of solar has come down significantly as a result of reduced material costs and major new incentives.

Go Green In Your Kitchen

Green is not a just color, it’s a belief system and a conscious choice for a healthier life style. Decide once and for all to eliminate pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified foods from your diet.

Bamboo – Sustainable or Not?

We hear a lot about how Bamboo is a sustainable product to be using around the home, but this article takes you into the details of why this is so. Learn what makes a product sustainable and why you should be using Bamboo.

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