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Green Remodeling – The Kitchen

Consumers have become more conscious in every part of their life – especially their homes. With the holidays approaching, the kitchen will be the center of attention so why not focus your green interests on remodeling the kitchen? Kitchen remodeling in Chicago can be a challenge, but the fall may be the best time to attack such a project.

Continue Your Green Education Today With Solar PV 102 – Inverters

There are many things to understand about a solar array beyond the panels. While panels are the pretty face of your system, we all know looks can only take us so far! The inverter, in this case, is the brains.

Preparation of Solar Preheating System for Water

The conventional systems for water heating are very costly in terms of energy expenditure. The methods described in the article are for those who want to install a system with the ability to pre-heat water before it enters tank less boiler.

Recycling 101 – Three Items Everyone Should Recycle

Everyone knows that recycling is a foundational principle of green living and one of the three Rs (for the record the 3 Rs are reduce, reuse, recycle).  Here are three items everyone should recycle.

Blue Jeans That Will Keep Your House Warm

Being able to turn old jeans into insulation to keep your house warm is a new building option for home builders and a more efficient option as well. One year ago, we came across the Blue Jean to Green campaign that Cotton, Inc. puts on annually to collect old denim and then made into insulation for homes. In the past the insulation was donated to Habitat for construction of homes in the Louisiana area during the rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. We decided to approach our local Habitat for Humanity chapter in Loveland, CO and they were instantly excited about the idea. Not only was this idea a chance to reuse items that are typically hauled to the landfills, but by installing denim insulation in the houses they built making their construction efforts more green too.

It Is Time To Embrace The Tremendous Power And Potential Of Zero Point Energy

Being a scientific concept, the existence of zero point energy is not controversial although the ability to harness it is. ZPE is determining ways to tap into those real and always available sources of energy.

Should I Buy A Build Your Own Solar Panels Book Or Just Go Online?

The digital world is great for information, but is there still a place for books? With a DIY build your own solar panels project you get caught in the middle. It is a topic that will not go away, and worth looking a both sides of the story.

Harnessing The Power Of Wind

Wind power is growing popularity as a renewable energy source as prices of wind turbines are lowering due to manufacturing economy of scale and design improvements which make use of lighter and stronger materials. On the other hand wind turbines do little harm to environment. The only disadvantage is they cannot be use everywhere since a minimum average of wind speed is required, normally established on at least 13 miles per hour.

Wind Generators For Home Use – Do I Need a Windmill, a Tower Or a Wind Turbine?

I used to think that only people who lived on large farms could make use of wind power with those tower style windmills, but I recently discovered that wind generators for home use are available for most homes, and you do not need a tower. Then I had to learn the difference between all those different terms…

Shipping Container Home Kits

Constructing homes and offices out of used shipping containers. There has been huge forward progress in the last 10 years.

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