Solar Power Has an Achilles’ Heel… But There’s Hope!

Obtain Tree Trimming Service From Certified and Licensed Company

Trees are the most essential and vital part in our eco-system. Life cannot be imagined with out oxygen, which is produced by the lovely creation of God. However, sometimes we need to remove the tree from the compound to protect buildings, clear streets, or even to make the better use of the area.

How to Choose Between “Off-Grid” or “Grid-Tied” Solar and Wind Power

I am using solar power to write this article, as I sit working in my off-grid solar and wind powered home office.  What does “off-grid” mean and what’s the difference between “off-grid” and “grid-tied”?

Uses of Hydroponic Gardening

There are many great uses for hydroponic gardening, which makes sense because usually things like this don’t become such heavy trends in a short amount of time if there aren’t great uses for them. Some of these uses might surprise you even if you are already a veteran hydroponic gardener. We have a list here of some of the most popular reasons to garden hydroponically.

Clean Air Inside Your Home

With all of the smog from cities, as well as the ozone and other pollutants in the outdoor air, many of us believe that the air inside of our homes is safer and cleaner. This may in fact not be true. Recent research shows that other toxins exist within our homes that are far more damaging!

A Review of Soy Candles, Paraffin Candles and Beeswax Candles

Different types of candles can bring dissimilar effects and results to users. Some people will choose for the lowest cost candles while some others will look for candles with quality assurance. Generally, chemical based like paraffin candles offer better position in price but natural candles like soy and beeswax candles do better when quality is a concern.

How To Start Composting – Part 1 Choosing A Composting Bin

If you are thinking about composting or perhaps there are laws about such where you have moved to this article will attempt to help you get started. I will assume that you will actually be collecting materials to create compost to be used by yourself or someone later in the yard, garden or potting soil, rather than the method where scraps are accumulated and carted away by a service. Types of containers used in composting will be discussed in this article.

Is Your Dish Soap Destroying The Planet?

Recently, people have become more environmentally aware and are trying to live a “greener” life. On this road, there are a number of items that are discovered to do harm to the planet, as well as to health, that no one previously considered. Household soaps are some of the items that usually fly under the radar.

Earthship Is Stewardship

We think of our homes today as ‘traditional’ but are they really? I say ‘traditional’ in quotes because it is the Earthship that is a traditional dwelling; in harmony with the earth, environment and climate.

Mimicking Nature Is the Epitome of a Sustainable Landscape

A type of sustainable landscape design that uses mostly native plants is often called “Nativescaping”.  Sometimes it is a type of theme garden labelled as a “Native Plant Garden”.

Are Rainwater Catchment Systems Worth It?

Before you buy a rain barrel or install a rainwater catchment system, consider feasibility. Is it worth it?

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