Small Wind Turbine Making Video

Grow Your Own Organic Garden At Home

Do you have a green thumb? Do you love planting? Do you want to grow plants in the comfort of your home? If you answered yes to these questions, you should give organic gardening a shot! If you need help to start your organic garden, here are a few tips to help you out:

Start an Organic Garden in 3 Easy Steps

An organic garden will foster a more holistic, natural ecosystem for your plants. This simply means that your plants are sure to grow the natural way. Another thing is, you’ll help decrease the toxic chemicals in the environment. Lastly, it is known that organic foods are quite expensive in the market. By having your own organic garden, you and your family can enjoy eating fresh organic fruits and veggies for free!

Garden Landscaping Ideas for Beginners

There are various changes which one can make to one’s garden to avoid it from looking dull and make one’s property impressive for guests and visitors. This write-up uncovers some helpful tips and ideas which would be useful for beginners embarking on garden landscaping.

Taking Care of Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags

Reusable grocery shopping bags are amazing when it comes to shopping for groceries. But, do we keep them clean? There are plenty of reasons as to why you need to maintain them well.

Is a Solar Contractor Right for You?

A solar contractor can help you to convert. Look to see what they can do for you…

Live Green for More Green

We live in a society where consumption and waste is a huge problem. I often speak with clients who complain about their monthly cost of living – i.e. their utility bills are too high, groceries are too expensive, gas prices are ridiculous.

What Materials Should I Use When Composting

Composting is the production through decomposition of plant matter newspapers and other items that can be used to replenish the soil with nitrogen. It is a process that can take week’s months and even years, depending upon the material that has been composted. In this article you will first learn about the materials that you should use as compost for your garden or farm. Then you will learn about which articles that you should not use for your garden or farm.

Create Permaculture, Start at Your Doorstep – 10 Tips to Sustain the Earth

I just got done taking the carbon footprint quiz and the Earthday Footprint Quiz. I thought I was doing fairly well with my consumption and thought I was being fairly energy efficient but I was wrong! I have become greatly interested in permaculture, a conscious design system of diversity and sustainability whose principles are: • Care of the earth • Care of the people • Distribution of surplus to others. Here are 10 tips for inside and outside of the home to reduce energy consumption, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a permaculture (permanent culture) world.

How to Setup Solar Power: Selecting the Right Batteries

Properly sizing your batteries is an important step in learning how to setup solar power. Solar power derives energy from sunlight, so unless you’re living close to one of the poles, your solar system will only be generating power for part of the day. If you don’t have a connection to the power grid to supplement your energy needs, you will need a battery backup system that can charge during the day and provide power at night.

How to Setup Solar Power: Understanding the Components of a Solar Energy System

When learning how to setup for power it is important to understand the different components that comprise the solar power system. Without a base understanding, before you start your build, it’s likely that you’ll feel confused when you first look at your plans and have trouble getting started. By having a basic understanding before you begin, you will be able to start and complete your solar power system install quickly. Below we’ll discuss several of the more common components in a solar power system.

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