Small Nuclear Reactors Can Make Amazing Things Possible…

Some Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

There is no known source of energy as widely available as the solar energy on earth. The sun which is some 90 million miles from earth takes less than ten minutes for its rays to travel that great distance to earth. This means that there is an inexhaustible supply of sun rays – an energy source that is very clean.

Composting Toilets in Ireland

It seems Irish people love their septic tanks. With over 400,000 septic tanks in a country with a population of 4 million, it is a love affair that has lasted through the ages. There has been no septic tank inspections in Ireland so malfunctioning tanks have gone unchecked. But now, for the first time in Irish history the government are going to check our septic tanks starting in February 2013. The love affair may not be over but is surely tested by this change and the search goes out for alternative technologies that do not need a septic tank. Composting toilets and incinerating toilets are a solution to the problem.

How Do You Make Great Compost?

Composting is a great way to recycle your kitchen and yard waste to make a nutrient-rich soil amendment for your garden and plants. There really is no wrong way to compost- all organic matter decomposes eventually. However, there a few things to keep in mind if you want to make really great compost or what is sometimes referred to as “Black Gold”.

Green Deal Double Glaziing

The Green Deal has become a major focus of many news stories over the past couple of years, with many people keen to lower their carbon footprint. We will look at how fitting new double glazing can help you with this, and how it is involved with the Green Deal.

The Art of Candle Making – Where to Find Supplies

Apart from providing light, candles have a myriad of other uses and are not just restricted to the homes. Read more…

Four Signs That Your Company Needs a New Industrial Degreaser

If your company is like most other businesses that use a high volume of industrial cleaner, it prefers to find solutions that it can use long-term, particularly when a cleaner has a specific application (e.g. parts cleaning) that makes its difficult to replace. However, there are certain situations in which continuing to use a parts cleaner solvent – or a general degreaser, for that matter – brings more disadvantages than benefits. Does your company need to replace some its trusted de-greasers? If it encounters the situations below, the answer may be yes.

Tips for Choosing Industrial Degreasing Solvents for Long-Term Use

Companies that use a low volume of degreaser can often use any type of degreaser they choose, even one that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has canceled, such as PD-680 (a.k.a mineral spirits). However, companies that use a high volume of degreaser, or reside in a Low Emission Zone (LEZ), where the emission of chemicals that are listed in the Clean Air Act is closely monitored, must use solutions that have a good safety profile to avoid stiff fines from the EPA.

When to Use MIL-PRF-680 As a Replacement for PD-680

PD-680 (a.k.a. mineral spirits) is a cleaning agent that companies used until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) canceled it in 1999. Although PD-680 is not illegal to buy or use, it is illegal to apply in quantities that violate an emission cap.

Five Reasons to Use Organic Degreasers for Industrial Cleaning

Decades ago, companies had little choice but to use toxic de-greasers for industrial cleaning. At the time, though, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had yet to regulate many of the toxic chemicals that it does today; and the effect of the substances on the environment wasn’t entirely known. Today, using toxic solutions for industrial cleaning is problematic because the environmental effects of the solutions are well known, but this is only one reason why companies should replace toxic de-greasing solutions with environmentally preferred solvents or organic solvents. Other reasons include:

Five Important Factors To Look Into in Aquaponics Plans

Harvesting your own produce is very rewarding. This implies that a person is trying to be self-sufficient and of course health conscious since growing your own vegetables makes your foods pesticide and insecticide free.

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