Sleeping fingers power electronics!

The Benefits of Water Conservation Kits

Were you aware that over 90 percent of all water that enters a home ends up down a drain? Consider how many times the shower is run, a faucet is left on, or a toilet is flushed, and this number may begin to seem less unbelievable. As we approach Earth Day 2011, think about making a change in the way water is used around your home.

DIY Renewable Energy System: 5 Steps To Lower Utility Costs

Thinking of incorporating renewable energy along side your current ‘on-grid’ system? Find out how renewable energy systems work to supplement your power usage and can lower energy bills.

Go Green At Work – Ways To Make Lunches And Breaks More Eco-Friendly

There are many ways that you can go green outside of the home. Believe it or not, there are many simple changes you can make when it comes to your food routine at work that can actually make a positive impact on the environment. Read on to find out what some of these simple (and money saving!) tips are.

Environmentally Safe Products – How Aware Are We?

Have you read the back label of your purchased toys that you bought for Christmas? Did they use lead or mercury as an additive? Did you research any of the toys your kids asked for last year? I didn’t, I started to think about it this year. What am I really giving them to play with and hold for hours a day? Skin is like a sponge it absorbs whatever it touches. Skin doesn’t know the difference between good and bad ingredients. We do though.

Save on Heating Bills, While Saving The Planet

This winter has been a truly harsh one for much of the county. Even here in “sunny California” we have been shivering much of the time. In the eastern part of the nation, a series of blizzards have cripple cities, and skyrocketed home heating costs. With the country struggling to recover from the most severe recession in 80 years, these added heating costs are a burden that many families can hardly afford. With this in mind, a new environmental technology stands to dramatically lower the average home heating bill, while lowering energy consumption and the size of the average family’s carbon footprint.

Insulation – A Great Green Home Improvement

Insulation is one of the most popular forms of green home improvement – and with good reason. It has been estimated that the average property that does not have the benefit of home insulation could see owners forking out hundreds of pounds every year to pay for higher heating bills. This is because without wall, floor and loft insulation, adequate draught-proofing and double glazing, a building literally leaks away much of the warm air that is pumped into it by radiators, gas heaters or wood burning stoves.

Save $100 Per Year, And The Planet

A great way to add extra cash to your wallet is to make easy green home improvements to your home. Many such improvements are easy to do, cost-effective, good for the planet, and they will result in massive savings to you. One such improvement, installing dual flush toilet conversions, can be done in less than a half an hour, and will result in no negative changes to your daily quality of life.

Get Cheap Solar Panels By Building Them Yourself

Most of us know the benefits of solar energy, but the problem with solar panels have been the high cost. But there is a way to get cheap solar panels if you build them yourself. Solar panels can be easy to put together and the materials can be cheap if you know where to look.

What Is a Sun Oven?

Look up the term sun oven on the internet and you will find a diverse range of products. Primarily solar cookers, some very basic and somewhat antiquated, to some demonstrating an almost 21st century surreal, supersonic “look-and-feel” to them. One such example is Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri’s Smart Sun Solar Cooker for DesignQuadro.

Outdoor Patio Furniture That Helps Clean Up the Oceans?

It’s the lazy environmental activist’s dream: outdoor lounge furniture that works to clean up the oceans while you relax sipping your pina colada on the beach. Too good to be true? Learn how American ingenuity has turned plastic trash into durable patio furniture.

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