School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home

Move-In Day – The Yurt is Home!

It’s done! We’ve moved into our new yurt. Problems? A few. Benefits?

Living Green by Composting – Tips For Creating the Best Compost

Composting makes use of materials that you would otherwise throw away-food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, tea bags and coffee grounds-and uses them to create a nutrient-rich materials that you can mix with your soil to enhance its effectiveness. Adding compost is the single best things you can do for your garden.

Green Home House Calls – Making Your Home Greener and More Energy Efficient

Today a number of municipalities now offer the equivalent of a doctor’s visit for your home. In the town where I live, the local utility calls it a Green Home House Call. The goal is to have a trained energy and water specialist come right to your home, evaluate the energy and water usage, look for areas of waste or leakage, and prescribe just the right fixes to help your home be more environmentally friendly.

Reduce Waste by Composting – Seven Benefits of a Compost Bin

Composting is one of the best things you can do for your garden. As a balanced mulch and fertilizer, compost is rich in nutrients. Mixed with the dirt in your yard, compost enhances and enriches the soil, helping almost any plant grow and develop more healthily.

Green Living and LEDs – The Future of Lighting

Creating a green lifestyle at home is an evolving process. Technology is changing, and as a result, the best green options for your home are changing as well.

Solar Power Electricity – What You Should Know!

Solar power electricity can be produced from two principal methods, directly and indirectly. The indirect method used to make solar power electricity uses the sun’s heat to boil water and the steam is used to drive turbines to produce solar power electricity. There is a direct method which involves using PV cells to make solar power electricity and is the preferred way to supply power to your home.

Why Do We Need So Much Paper?

Caring for the environment is not as difficult nor is it as overwhelming as what most people might first think. In fact, many of our Green solutions make life easier for everyone. It’s not hard to understand that some of these things that are so convenient and beneficial to the environment should have been put into action yesterday. Yet, there still are people finding reasons to avoid making the appropriate changes.

Find Great Residential Solar Power Panels – Save Money

Heating and cooling your home can be very expensive so you may want to consider adding solar panels to your home. There are a variety of options available to you so make sure you compare both price and quality before you make a purchase.

Streak-Free Window Cleaning – Tips From Housekeeping Services

Don’t you just hate when you open your blinds a few minutes after scrubbing your windows and you find them streaky and grimy already? There is an art to cleaning windows, and unless your housekeeping services in New Jersey is extremely thorough, you might find yourself with streaky, grimy windows soon after they leave.

Going Green With Solar Electrical Energy – Step Three, to Contract Or DIY?

You just can’t put enough information into a single article to explain the processes of going green with solar electrical energy, so we broke it into three steps. In the first article “Step One, Determining your Current Use” we looked at how to determine how much energy you use at present and how to lower your consumption. In he second article “Step Two, Choose Your Technology” we looked at the types of systems in use and the equipment needed to use them. In this article: “Step Three, to Contract or DIY?” we will look at what it takes to install the various types and whether you should do it yourself.

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