Revopoint POP 2: Precise 3D Scanner With 0.1mm Accuracy

Permanent Magnet Generators – Are They For Real?

Have you ever heard the term “perpetual motion machine?” If so, you may have smiled, thinking of an inventor putting together gears, wheels and pulleys in his basement to make a machine that runs forever without any external power. Well, it may not be as crazy as it sounds.

Wind Power and Solar Power Efficiency Is Improved With Reduced Energy

Even if you are not sure which direction you want to go with wind power and solar power projects, you can prepare now. You have to do something about the energy you use right now.

Five “Green” Alternative Products For Your Home

Environmentally-friendly products are becoming more ubiquitous by the day. The growing demand of “green” products means prices will continue to decrease over time. Now is the time to look into smart, eco-conscious alternatives for your home improvement needs.

Homemade Solar Power – Start With Small Stuff Before The Hammer

There is nothing wrong with trying things out before getting involved in homemade solar power projects. There are several things you can try out or look into before getting involved in larger projects.

Solar Thermal Power Generation – Energy Audit Is An Important Step Before Getting Started

Some of the best advice I got from my environmentalist friends when I asked them about solar thermal power generation was to get an energy audit. My mistake was thinking why bother when I was going solar anyway. Well, there is a good reason to get one.

Renewable Alternative Sources Energy Savings – 5 Simple Do It Yourself Energy Audit Ideas

An energy audit is the step often skipped over when trying to decide on alternative sources energy programs to choose from. You can use a professional, but why not start out on your own with some simple adjustments to your daily life?

Living Green at Home and Conserving Water

As members of the Human Race living on this planet Earth, we each have a responsibility or even a duty to do our part or all that we can to help conserve one of the Earths most precious resources, its Water! Our lives and the lives of every living thing depends on it. Conserving water not only saves the resource itself, but saves on the energy required to process and transport it and make sure there is enough to go around.

Reduce and Even Eliminate Your Electric Bill

With the recent advances in solar panels it is now possible for the typical home to become energy self sufficient. That is using solar panels a homeowner can reduce significantly or even eliminate the electric bill. And in fact you can have the power company pay you if you produce more electricity than you use.

Green Energy, A Hindrance to Developing Countries

There are some folks that tend to look at making good use of an existing renewable energy a downturn. There are lots of things to consider for green energy technologies and that doesn’t mean to sacrifice a lot. The sad thing most folks see over using green energy is the fact of additional expenses. This is where some not so good speculations come from.

Time to Make Your Self Some Solar Christmas Lights

There might be a certain amount of pleasure derived from building your own solar Christmas lights. Why don’t you give it a try?

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