Revisiting The Billion Dollar Solar Plant Mistake

Reuse and Re-Wear – 5 Repurposing Tips

There is a lot of talk in the eco friendly world about recycling. Recycling, is of course highly important if we are to ensure the generations to come, are not burdened with our waste, but there is more to recycling than just placing our glasses and paper in recycling bins.

Passive Solar Home – Using Solar Energy Without Buying Expensive Solar Panels

Do you want to take advantage of solar energy but feel that solar panel systems are just too expensive for you to afford? Unknown to some, there’s a very cost-effective way to use solar energy without having to buy costly panels. It’s all about creating a passive solar home. Read this article to learn more.

Make Own Wind Turbine

If may be searching for a means to lower your expenses monthly on your electrical expenditures, or just simply would like to create some supplemental electrical power for your house and perhaps even experiment with selling it back to your energy supplier, then finding out to make own wind turbine are an extremely good technique that may help you obtain most of these endeavors. Solar powered energy and the employment of solar energy panels are invariably over the rest list of global recognition relating to transferring from industrial produced power to alternative energy.

The Business of Recycled Glass – How Bathroom Remodeling is Going Green

You can beautify your home and make it green with recycled glass tiles. Not only are create exquisite designs but they are also an eco-friendly way to enhance your home’s look. See all of the reasons why you should use recycled glass tile.

How to Run a Green Household

In the day and age of global warming it’s not just up to big business to do their bit for the environment. Running a green household is easier than you think, can save you money and is enjoyable too!

Solar Lights For a Brighter Tomorrow

If you want to save yourself from the expensive cost of electricity nowadays and at the same time find a better solution to cut down your electric bills maybe having the right information about solar lights could solve your worries. Solar lights are power-driven by the sun’s energy converted to electricity.

Green Living at Home – Five Simple Tips to Make Your Home Greener Even With Small Kids

Green living tips can be overwhelming when you’re busy raising a family. Start off with these five simple suggestions on green living with kids and see how easy it is to make a difference.

Would Wind Generators Be Something For Your Home?

In case you are tired of writing checks for silly expenses on your energy bills every month, having a wind generator installed for your home might be among the best things that you actually do. Wind generators for the home can easily make usable energy from the wind and utilize it to produce electricity for devices as well as electronics in your house.

What You Need to Know About Solar Electricity and How You Can Benefit From It

Solar energy has been the front-runner when in comes to renewable energy alternatives. Using solar energy to generate electricity remains to be the most viable and practical option.

How to Make Fresh Flowers

The art and skill of flower arrangement instigated centuries ago and has been traveled from various parts of the world and taken on different countries in different forms. It was in the classical Roman and Greek times once flowers arrangement were originally known.

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